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AFL first Mixer
AFL Constition Class with Signed Constition
AFL with Phil Crowley Taylor County Judge Candidate
AFL with candidate Lt Gov Aaron Sorrells
AFL with Sheriff Ricky Bishop
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AFL Member meet up
AFL with candidate Lt Gov Trayce Bradford
AFL Constitution Class
Parade AFL.jpg
AFL member outreach
AFL wtih George P Bush

Abilene Freedom League at a Glance

Our freedoms are guaranteed to us by God and the U.S. Constitution and is therefore what most accurately represents our organization's interest.
The protection of our most sacred rights.

Our member-driven organization is a constitutional watchdog for the people of Abilene and the Big Country. We serve our community through political activism and representation to our political officials.

Welcome Patriots!

A message from Tyler Lineweaver, Director of Public Relations

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3478 Catclaw Drive #257 Abilene, Texas 79606

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