Mandi Rhodes


My name is Mandi Rhodes. I'm 29 years old. I'm a stay at home mom homeschooling two beautiful children. I first got involved in natural parenting and medical freedom when I was pregnant with my daughter. During this current covid related political climate I decided it was important to share my experience with vaccines and take a stand for true informed consent with ALL medical procedures. I partnered up with the other founders to create an organization that focuses on the freedoms that are under attack. I'm so grateful to find like minded individuals to share my passions with.


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Tyler Lineweaver

Director of Public Relations

My name is Jonathan Lineweaver. I'm a 27 year old husband, father and native of Abilene, Texas. I have devoted much time studying and doing research concerning all the ways the organizations around us have been corrupted. This includes government, health, law, and corporate sectors of our society. What I have figured out is that no matter how much wrong doing you discover, those guilty do not care that you know. They will not care until " we the people " do something about it, and change these systems ourselves. That's why we have founded the Abilene Freedom League. The group who does something about it.


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Jennifer Bell

Director of Finance and Marketing

I believe every man, woman, and child is born free.  Those freedoms are enumerated in, and protected by, the Constitution.  We are experiencing blatant theft of our freedoms.  I will stand in defiance of those who would seek to steal them from us.  Will you stand with me?



Kay Kay Lineweaver

Director of Online Content

Howdy! I'm Kay Kay Lineweaver! I'm a 26 year old mamma, wife and Functional Nutritionist that has earned a Bachelors of Science in Behavior Analysis and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Through personal experience, I have learned that freedom of medical choice can be a major determinate of your health outcomes. I'm a big proponent of informed consent, knowledge truly is power. Further, we are all unique individuals that have the God given right to freely choose how we live and take care of ourselves. This belief also extends into the political realm; I stand behind the U.S. constitution, support small government, while bringing more power to the local level so the people of the community have control over their lives.


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Jeff Mayor

Director of Community Development

My name is Jeff Mayor.  I'm a 54 year old Husband, Father and Texas Army National Guard Soldier as well as a Civil Service employee at Dyess AFB.  I like many of you had reservations early on at what was being told to us by the media and those in government. Things didn't add up after the 2 weeks to flatten the curve turned into months then a year... What I didn't realize until digging into things more is that this dysfunction is not just in DC but here in Abilene. I said what can I do? After making my stand at Dyess and being suspended my initial thoughts became more and more substantiated. As we have seen here recently many "Conspiracy Theories" have turned into reality. What has been happening for more than 2 years now only stops when enough people say "enough"! Stand up and Stand out. Take back your rights because they come from God and not Government. I have felt alone in my stand against Tyranny but in Abilene Freedom League I have found strength in numbers.