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25 Year Veteran Actor Sues ABC for Violation of Civil Rights after being fired for not vaccinating

Ingo Rademacher was fired from ABC's general hospital, after portraying character Jasper Jax for 25 years, for refusing to take the COVID-19 injection. He is now suing ABC for violating his civil and religious rights. He has specifically requested a jury trial.

Soon after ABC announced a company wide vaccine mandate for Tier 1 and Tier 2 employees, Rademacher sent an email to ABC's Human Resources department declaring his sincerely held religious belief against receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. He was then subjected to "half an hour of cross-examination about his religious beliefs". His exemption request was denied without reason.

In an instagram video earlier this month, Rademacher promoted medical freedom saying "if you want to go and get the vaccine, get the vaccine. If you think it's going to protect you, that's great. But you should be able to make that choice."

"I don't agree with vaccine mandates, obviously, you already know that, I don't agree with corporations ever, ever, being able to mandate a vaccine to keep your job, to keep your livelihood. A lot of people were coerced and forced into taking the jab otherwise they would lose everything, that's coercion. That's not freedom of choice at all."

See his full video here:

Check out a copy of the lawsuit filed here:

ABC also fired another long time General Hospital veteran, Steve Burton after he also refused to get vaccinated, and echoed the same sentiments as Rademacher. Burton had also submitted a religious exemption, which was denied. No word yet on a lawsuit against ABC on his behalf.

You can watch Burton's statement here:

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