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Abilene Freedom League Endorses Taylor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop

Today Abilene Freedom League sat down with Taylor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop and Chief Deputy Craig Griffis.

Our goal was to build a relationship with The Highest Law of the Land and inform him about our organization. We spoke to him about our members, projects, and goals. We shared our passion for the Constitution and expressed that we feel our Constitutional rights are being stripped away in the name of "public health".

After speaking with them for over an hour, we are confident that his department is, and will continue to faithfully uphold the oath that they take as our county's elected Sheriff. We had a conversation about current media reporting tactics making their job exponentially more dangerous and difficult.

Since our founding, Abilene Freedom League has been vocal about censorship and the mainstream agenda creating an unfair mistreatment of the unvaccinated. Today we heard firsthand how that media process is hindering other agencies and organizations, including our law enforcement officials.

We shared with him that a majority of our members sense that Texas has a target on our back from the Federal Government and the liberal agenda. We want to put safeguards in place now so that in the future if/when things escalate, we know who we can trust to protect us.

We wanted reassurance that we could be confident the Sheriff and his department would protect our Constitutional rights above all else. We asked him to sign our elected official pledge. He willingly signed, which further proves to our organization and the residents of Taylor County that he supports our freedoms and will continue to protect those for each and every member of our beloved County.

Thank you so much to both Sheriff Bishop and Chief Deputy Craig Griffis for being that authority that we can place our faith in. We appreciate your integrity, commitment to this community, servant minded hearts, and willingness to continue to do an incredibly difficult job in the face of adversity. These men should be an example to other law enforcement officials around the nation, and we are proud to endorse Sheriff Bishop!

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