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Breaking: 9/11 Commission-Style Covid Bill Quietly Added To Omnibus Spending Bill

Many Democrats, Rinos, and lobbyists were calling for the Senate to slide the terrible bill known as the “PREVENT Pandemics Act” into the upcoming 1.7 trillion dollar year-end Omnibus spending bill. Supporters of the bill claimed this was the last chance for it to be passed under this congress before the Republicans take over the House in January. The Abilene Freedom League was watching to see if they would bury the covid bill in the oversized spending package and it looks like it has been added. The bill is expected to be released later today but is not completely finalized. Axios is reporting that the bill is included in Omnibus but will not feature the 9/11 style Commission and some of the spending increases. We can’t be sure until the final bill is released but this is bad news.

If included, the “PREVENT Pandemics Act” would create a 12-member “expert panel” of “highly qualified citizens” which would have subpoena power and be able to hold public hearings. The people in charge of appointing these “experts” would be Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell in the Senate and Hakeem Jeffries and Kevin McCarthy (likely). Not only would this newly created commission have the ability to bring forth and bury the evidence that Big Pharma and Big Government wanted to, it will no doubt feature former deep state individuals and doctors who agree with the narrative. There is zero chance that a Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. Robert Malone ever being on the commission or called by the commission. This commission would get to “decide” where the virus started from and blame Trump and Republicans while absolving Biden and Democrats of all their Unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates.

Even if the Commission is scrapped, the bill would also give more power, money, and cover to unelected agencies like the CDC, FDA, NIAD, and DHHS. These agencies have played one of the biggest roles in lying to the American people about Covid, the jab, the adverse reactions, testing, treatments, and many other things that have injured and killed so many. Not only would this bill help make sure they are not held accountable or made to change but it would make them stronger than they currently are. It also expands the Government's ability to get into your business when it comes to personal health decisions, seeks out and targets groups up people who have resisted their jabs and other “treatments”, throws more money into pushing the current narrative and stopping what they deem “misinformation”, adds to funding of tests, shots, and other things which have hurt people, provides grants and loan paybacks for specific groups of people, as well as provides funding to “support global vaccination efforts”.

This bill was put together by the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee. While that might not sound like anything important, one look at the members of this committee tells you all you need to know about it. It is led by far left covid propagandist Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and retiring Rino Ranking Member, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC). He was never for the American people and tried his best to push this legislation through on his way out the door. Other members include Democrats Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine, Maggie Hassan, Jacky Rosen, John Hickenlooper, Robert Casey Jr, Tammy Baldwin, Christopher S. Murphy, and Tina Smith. It also has a bunch of Rinos in Susan Collins, Bill Cassidy, Lisa Murkowski, Mike Braun, Roger Marshall, Mitt Romney, Tim Scott. The only three decent Republicans are Rand Paul, Tommy Tuberville, and Jerry Moran.

The Committee passed this bill 20-2 and it was 310 pages after amendments were added. It was passed on March 15, 2022. It had not moved further than the committee at this time but the Senate seems to have found it a home hidden away inside the massive Omnibus bill.

To give a little more insight into what they are trying to do I am including some quotes about the bill from the Democratic Chair, Senator Patty Murray and then leaving what it really means. “Which is why this bill establishes an independent task force—modeled after the 9/11 Commission—to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and issue recommendations.” This means they will appoint 12 shills that will weaponize the task force, hide evidence of wrongdoing, blame Trump and MAGA republicans, push covid and vaccine propaganda, and recommend things that are good for Big Pharma and Big Government. “That’s why our legislation directs CDC to develop public health data standards, and work with public health departments to develop best practices for improving data availability, quality, and completeness. It also strengthens our ability to use data to identify viruses and new variants, and predict and prevent disease outbreaks.” This means they will empower the CDC and other agencies to make recommendations like masks, mandates, and adding it to the children’s vaccination schedule. They will increase government spying, tracking, and intervention into your healthcare. “We have also seen misinformation run amok during this pandemic, to devastating effect. When people are looking for information about masks, vaccines, and what they can do to stay safe we need to make sure they can find accessible, reliable information from trusted sources. That’s why the PREVENT Pandemics Act establishes an advisory committee at HHS focused on effectively communicating lifesaving, science-based guidance, and debunking misinformation during public health emergencies.” This means the bill will give them more resources to push propaganda and a narrative while shutting down and censoring anything that would go against the narrative. They want to be able to push masks and covid shots without having to worry about the studies that show they don’t work or deal with the hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions being reported. The State will be your source of information and anyone other than the State “can’t be trusted”. This is also an end-around to form an office of misinformation right out of 1984. “I hope my colleagues can continue to see this funding for what it is – funding to continue: making tests, treatments, and vaccines widely available; ensuring we are ready if new variants emerge;” This means they want more money to push the tests, ineffective and dangerous treatments, and the harmful jabs on everyone. They need to be ready for another variant because they are sponsoring labs all over the world that are engaging in gain-of-function research that is developing new variants all the time. The bottom line is that this bill is bad across the board. Whether it includes the Commission or not you can bet the establishment, deep state, and Big Pharma are happy to see the increased funds, cover, and power it provides. Written by Chris Turner Director of Online Content Sources:

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