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BREAKING: Trudeau's Emergency Act Approved, Allowing the Dictatorship to Continue...

In what makes one of the saddest days in the history of the Country, the Canadian House of Commons passed a motion to approve Trudeau's Emergency Act. This is an unprecedented and unnecessary power grab that never should have been called for in the first place. At the time, Trudeau used the blockades of major international highways into the US and false reports of violence as reasons to pass the Act. As of today, there are no blockades, the Canadian Government used unacceptable police tactics to assault, arrest, and intimidate peaceful protesters in Ottawa. The Trucks have been moved out or regrouped elsewhere. There is no need to have the Emergency Act in place and there never was.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knew that there wasn't enough support to pass it and used a veiled threat of having a vote of no confidence to pressure the New Democrat Party (NPD) into voting with the minority Liberal government to defeat the Conservative votes. NPD Leader, Jagmeet Singh, made as much clear saying they always saw it as a "no confidence vote" and didn't want to risk losing power. While Trudeau didn't come out and specifically designate the motion as a confidence vote he said "I can't imagine that anyone who votes 'no' tonight is doing anything other than indicating that they don't trust the government to make incredibly momentous and important decisions at a very difficult time." When the opposition party requested to clarify that this was not a vote of no confidence the liberal party refused to answer and said "It is time to vote."

The political games worked as the NDP joined the Liberal party to pass the motion on Monday night. The Conservative Party and the Bloc Quebecois voted as a block against it but the motion passed 185-151. This means the Emergencies Act and Trudeau Dictatorship will be in place until mid-March unless the Senate strikes it down or the Trudeau Government decides to end it. Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet said, "Trudeau seemed to have made the matter a vote of confidence because he was afraid of his own caucus."

As expected, Trudeau and his Government have already used the powers he gave himself to quell as much dissent and free speech as he can. What happened to the peaceful protesters in Ottawa this weekend was absolutely disgusting. They beat, trampled, fraudulently arrested, used rubber bullets, and pepper spray on peaceful protesters. They are actively threatening YouTubers and telling them to stop reporting on the protests and to remove their videos. They have already frozen at least 76 bank accounts to the tune of $3.2 million dollars, according to Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino. He tried to say today after the vote that this Act was justified, necessary, and limited but it was a clear power grab by a Prime Minister who was too weak to meet with protesters and admit he was wrong. The Protests and the people in Canada who are fighting for freedom have not given in to the Dictatorship. They are still protesting all over the Country and the truckers are regrouping as of right now. All hope is not lost for Canada but it did take a big blow today when spineless politicians cared more about their own political power than stopping a Dictator and an out of control Government.

Written by: Chris Turner, Online Content Community Chair Sources:

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