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Canada's Freedom Convoy Inspires Similar Convoy Plans in United States

The freedom protests led by Canadian Truckers and their Freedom Convoy have been a site to behold over the last few weeks. The Convoy spread from Truckers standing up against mandates which made it impossible for them to do their jobs to a movement for all Canadians to stand up and say enough is enough. The Canadian Protests have already seen Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan Provinces announce that they are dropping mandates. More good seems to be done by the protesters on a daily basis. They continue to hold the line in Ottawa as we speak. This has inspired protests in New Zealand, Alaska, Israel, and other places across the world. It has also inspired freedom-loving Americans of all shapes and sizes to do something. None more so than American truckers. For weeks now, there have been FB groups and various organizations talking about how to follow what the Canadian truckers did.

It seems that the group to really come to the forefront is a group who call themselves "The People's Convoy". The group was formed by American truckers and brought in Maureen Steele from to help them in the role of a National Organizer. Since then, Doctors from the Global Covid Summit and pilots from US Freedom Flyers have joined the movement. The organization is clear that it may have been started by truckers but it is called "The People's Convoy" because it is for all people. They have invited anyone who wishes to peacefully protest for their rights to join the Convoy.

Brian Brase is the most public of the Truckers who co-founded the group. He made it clear that "Our Message is freedom, ending the State and Federal mandates, end the emergency power authorities and reminding Americans of their freedoms. You know, people have become too comfortable with government encroaching on our freedoms. And then of course, accountability. We want congressional hearings and Americans deserve clarity." Josh Yoder, Founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers said "As everyone knows the airline industry had real totalitarian orders that came down mandating that we get the jab or lose our jobs. We stood up starting back in August. It was very effective within our industry. The truckers and the doctors came to us and asked if we would support the movement. We just want to stand with them in solidarity. We believe that Americans deserve freedom. It is so frustrating that people have allowed so much of our freedoms to be taken and I think it is time that we all stand together as Americans. This isn't about pilots, truckers, or anyone else. This is about American people as a whole." Doctor Ryan Cole, the co-founder of the Global Covid Summit weighed in on why they got involved and said "We've been sharing the science. We've been sharing the challenges and problems with what's been going on, what's been suppressed. The way we wanted to help and save lives, the dangers of experimenting on humanity with unproven gene shots. Today, I'm not a doctor. I am with the pilots and all of us today are truckers...This is a peaceful movement about bringing back those freedoms that we fought for. This is about ending the emergency powers. You know, the mandates, they're going to pull those back. They better."

The People's Convoy Mission Statement reads as follows: Americans love our freedoms and love the Constitution of The United States of America. This convoy aims to bring back our freedoms, our civil liberties, and bring an end to all unconstitutional mandates. This is about our rights, as well as the freedom of future generations. It's not about political parties, but more so about a government that has forgotten its place and has no regard for our founding fathers instructions, The Constitution.

When asked who "The People's Convoy" is they answer "We are truckers, moms, students, nurses, doctors, investors, county workers, teachers, cowboys, loggers, engineers, sanitation workers, professors, cashiers, flight attendants, pilots, sales reps, physical therapists. WE ARE, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, married, single, divorced, separated, gay, straight. WE ARE Black, White, Asian, Native American. WE ARE immigrants, natives: WE ARE citizens of the free world."

The group has announced that they will be going from California to DC. On Wednesday, February 23, the Convoy will take off from the Barstow, CA area heading East. The Route for the trip to DC has not been officially laid out yet but the Convoy is expected to go through Las Vegas, NV, Kingman, AZ, Oklahoma City, OK, St. Louis, MO, Indianapolis, In, and continue East to Washington DC. They have convoys coming from every direction to join the main convoy. They are coming from the Northwest, Southeast, Texas, Maine, and every other place you can imagine. The group has made it crystal clear that this is a 100% peaceful protest and it will remain that way. Staying peaceful is what led the Canadian truckers to such success and it only works if it stays peaceful. Anyone who is found to not be peaceful or looking to cause problems will be thrown out of the convoy. They welcome trucks, cars, motorcycles, or other road-worthy vehicles to join the convoy. They said "It's called The People's Convoy for a reason. It's not just truckers. We're the ones standing up but we want everyone involved. This is not an isle issue. This isn't a right-wing thing. This isn't a left-wing thing. And no matter how much they try to paint it that way, I think it will be pretty clear just walking around our convoy that you'll see all walks of life are involved in this. All Americans are welcome to this convoy."

Written by: Chris Turner


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