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Canadian Police Officer Speaks Out Against Unjust Orders During Freedom Trucker Protests

In a message that started out as one Canadian police officer who was disgusted by the politicization of the police against peaceful protesters putting his thoughts on a video and sharing them with a private group of fellow officers, the message has now gone viral with people from multiple Countries listening to it. Nick Motycka is an officer of sixteen years working both for the RCMP and the Canadian Police Service. He was horrified after watching what his fellow officers were asked to in Ottawa by politicians and against peaceful Canadian protesters. In a heart filled message that he said took him about 15 minutes to put together, he gives his thoughts and spreads a message for Canadian Police to stand up and speak out against tyranny, not help enforce it. This video took place on February 8.

"Hello, my name is Nick Motycka. I'm a police officer currently with the Calgary Police Service. I've been with Calgary for just a little over ten years and prior to that I was with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) for approximately six years. I just wanted to read something that I wrote this evening. Today was a hard day for me. Something was taken away from me that I can never get back. Watching members of the Ottawa Police Service seize fuel from peaceful protesters took away a long held belief that I thought to be a lasting truth. That is that the police are here when push really comes to shove, to protect and help people. I will never see my profession in the same light that I did before today. What I saw was the police doing politician's dirty work like hired goons.This goes against every reason why I chose this mostly thankless, difficult, traumatizing career with terrible hours. The reason I got into law enforcement was to help people. However naive that was, it was my honest truth. As the years wore on I'll be the first to admit that I got jaded but I never let anything compromise my integrity. I always applied 'the front page of the newspaper' test. That is, would I be ok with whatever I was about to do, being on the front page of the paper or a news story in your feed for younger viewers? Doing what was right, even when no one was looking, even if it was difficult, was always the right decision. What is happening in Ottawa, with a clear political influence on the police to physically exert political will on peaceful protesters for nothing more than possible political gain is so very wrong on so many levels. 'I was just following orders' is no longer an excuse. It is time to stand up and speak out by refusing to breach your fellow citizen's fundamental charter rights. You signed up to help people. Stand with your fellow Canadians and say enough is enough. There is no doubt that we are all part of history right now. I have one question for you. Which side do you want to be on? This isn't just a well delivered message by a cop that is truly one of the good ones. This is a reminder to all of us that we must stand up for our rights and freedoms. We must make sure we are on the right side of history. That isn't always going to be easy. Nick Motycka is fully aware he will likely be punished for speaking out but he doubled down and said got into policing to defend Canadian's rights, not violate them. He still plans to do that no matter what it costs him. Motycka has watched over the last two years as politicians had officers enforce there will by closing churches, forcing businesses to shut down, arresting people out on a jog or at the beach for violating their mandates. Yesterday, he said watching the Ottawa police threaten, bully, and steal gas from truckers attempting to remain warm in -15°C temperatures was the final straw. He had to take a stand and this message is what came as a result. He felt this message needs to get out to other officers and the public as a whole. He says he doesn't know what will happen to him in the future but whatever it is, this is way more important.

Written by guest writer Chris Turner

Sources: Canadian police officer stands with Freedom Convoy, urges fellow cops to disobey unjust orders (Video of Nick Motycka speaking)

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