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CDC Director Refused to Answer Senators About the Number of CDC Employees That Have Been Vaccinated.

Rules for you but not the CDC.

CDC director refused to answer Senators about the number of CDC employees that have been vaccinated. On Thursday, Nov. 4th, 2021 during a Senate Health Committee hearing, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, refused to give a straight answer to senators Bill Cassidy (R – La.) and Richard Burr (R. – N.C.) when asked about the vaccine status of the CDC workers. Sen. Cassidy asked, “What percent of the CDC employees are vaccinated?”, Dr. Walensky replied, “We’re actively encouraging vaccination in all of our employees and doing outreach in order to get our agency vaccinated”. Before the conclusion of the hearing, Sen. Burr revisited the topic. He asked, “Do you really not know the answer to the number of vaccinated individuals at the CDC, or did you just not want to answer Sen. Cassidy’s question?”. He asked what we ALL were thinking!! To no surprise, Dr. Walensky did not answer directly once again. Her response, “We’re still actively working on collecting those data and those data are updated real-time” doesn’t seem to make much sense… they are still collecting it but yet it's updated in “real-time”? Sounds like bull poop to me. Sen. Burr asked for the numbers to be sent to the committee by Nov 8, he also noted to her that Joe Biden’s executive orders mandates all federal employees, including the CDC workers, produce proof of vaccination by Nov 8 or risk disciplinary actions. Again, Dr. Walensky gives a bumbled answer… “We are working towards updating that data. I would have to speak with my staff about where we are and whether those numbers are going to be available on Monday.” Sen. Burr fires back, “If the collection is still in process, how are you going to start disciplinary actions based upon the executive order?”. Dr. Walensky nearly repeats herself claiming “We’re actively updating those data. I just don’t know exactly when they will be fully in, but certainly we will have those data by the appropriate deadline.” How can she promise to have them by the deadline while obviously having no idea what she is talking about. Surely she is smarter than that, so what is she hiding? Once again, Sen. Burr lays into Dr. Walensky, If the CDC doesn't have to live by the rules, why should employers have to live by the mandate rules?” Dr. Walensky claims she will “make sure we’re complying with the rules because we want everyone else to as well.” We will see once Monday comes if she holds up to this promise… Till then, keep in mind that the CDC wants YOU to wear your vaccine status like a name tab, but they can’t even give our Senators a vaccination percentage. Source:

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