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CDC Votes to Unanimously Add Covid Jabs to Childhood Schedule

As expected the CDC betrayed the American people once again today as they voted 15-0 to add the Covid Vaccine to the Childhood Vaccination Schedule.

Not only does this ridiculous act open the door for school districts across the Country to issue vaccine mandates on an ineffective vaccine for a group that has shown to be the least affected but the science shows healthy children don’t get seriously ill from covid and most have little to no symptoms at all. With this vote, the CDC shows they don’t care about science or protecting the people, they care about money, continuing a narrative, and protecting Big Pharma. If you had any faith in the CDC, that should end today because they made it clear they have sold you and your children out. Hopefully this moment will serve as a point in time where “We The People” stand up and say ENOUGH of this.

The video above is the opening segment from today’s episode of “The Highwire with Del Bigtree”. The transcript of the segment is below. “Welcome ladies and gentleman, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and all those that are watching. I’m going to announce that today, October 20, 2022, is a day that will live in infamy. Just moments ago before this broadcast, our own CDC and the advisory committee on immunization practices representing the United States of America and our health departments, voted unanimously 15-0 to approve the Covid-19 vaccine to be added to the childhood schedule.

This means that a product that was never properly approved for safety, never went through a long term safety trial, is still only under an emergency use authorization meaning they rushed it out because they didn’t have time to do the science, now without official approval, has been out onto the childhood schedule.

This will lead to mandates across the United States of America for children to be able to enter school, preschools, and colleges. They will follow suit. An untested vaccine that has shown to cause harm all around the world, especially to children, for a virus that does not affect children, has been forced upon our population by a regulatory agency that is supposed to be working for us.

I believe this day will mark the moment in which the United States of America, at least the majority, is going to turn against the CDC and recommendations that come from it and any belief in the science that they have stood for all of these years."

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT NOW? 1. Continue to blow up the comment section and let the CDC shills know how you feel about them adding covid vaccines to the children’s vaccination schedule. There were more than 86,500 comments as of last night. Here is the link 2. Find out if you live in a State that will block any vaccination mandates that derive from this vote. If your State Officials won’t stand up, find out what your child’s school district is going to do. If they do require mandates and you can’t find a way around it, consider homeschool or changing schools. Do Not let them pressure you into giving your child the jab. 3. You need to start seeking out candidates who are running at every level of Government from the School Board to the President and only vote for them if they stand for medical freedom. Abilene Freedom League will help you identify such candidates in this area. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Chair

Sources: (Shoutout to the Vigilant Fox for the clip) Episode 290: THE SPEED OF SCIENCE (

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