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Did you miss Texas AG Ken Paxton? If so, here is a recap!The beginning of the Texas Attorney Genera

November 16, 2021

The beginning of the Texas Attorney General’s introduction kicked off with a brief biography of himself. I must admit my research of AG Ken Paxton was limited to his legal accomplishments and public statements. It was a refreshing perspective that was delivered to us that evening. More about his personal life, past accomplishments, and the road that brought him here. For example, the man is married with four children. He comes from an air force family, something he has in common with many Abilenians. He earned his B.A. in Psychology in 1985 and an M.B.A. in 1986 from Baylor University here in Texas, even though he is originally from North Dakota. He is a Christian man that attends church with his family in Plano, Texas. Finally, he served in both the Texas House and then Senate before he became the Attorney General of Texas in 2014.

The AG himself then takes the stage. He starts it off by talking about his family, then about how the Texas Constitution dictated that he move and live in Travis county back before that portion was amended. Cracked a joke about how it wasn’t that bad because it was still close to Texas. That drew thunderous laughs from the crowd. His charisma continued to thrive as he told stories of his political endeavors. He finally tied it into our current struggle with the federal administration.

From complete lack of control on our border to the historically unprecedented overreach by the federal government. He covered how he has never had to file this many lawsuits against the federal administration before in such a short amount of time. He then tied the situation at the border together with the plandemic. Explaining how the Biden administration does not require COVID testing from illegal immigrants as they ship them across the U.S. predominantly to conservative states. Then stating that is the reason why he does not believe the federal administration when they say they want to stop COVID. Drawing another round of applause.

At this point, AG Ken Paxton focuses in on the main issue we are all concerned about. About how Commander and Thief Joe Biden attempts to pass his highly unconstitutional vaccine mandates and how there is nothing in federal law permitting him to do so. Still knowing this, he does so anyway. The AG then goes on to admit that we are indeed already in a civil war, with a federal administration that disregards our constitutional rights and medical freedoms. He also admits that it is obvious Biden is not the one pulling the strings, but we can imagine who is. At the end of his speech he encourages Texans to keep up the fight because we are at a critical point in our history where if we don’t, we risk losing it all.

Next, the questions for the Attorney General begin, starting with a question concerning the border crisis. To which Paxton ties in the lack of constitutionality and how if it blatantly persists, we then have a monarchy instead of a constitutional government, and if that is the case then Texas must figure out something different. As the Abilene Freedom League’s Director of Public Relations, I stood up to ask a question that we believe is on the minds of Texans and Americans everywhere. “If your legal challenges get struck down and continue to get struck down concerning the vaccine mandates, what is the state of Texas prepared to do? What is plan B?” To which his response was something along the lines of “we don’t have a plan B”. He then went on to explain that the current legal success, he believes, is the path to victory. Even though I personally would prefer a contingency plan, I guess his answer, for now, will suffice.

Abilene Freedom League’s Chairman, Mandi Rhodes, later asks about U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel’s decision to allow school districts to mandate masks and what Texas’s course of corrective action is. The AG responds by saying they will definitely appeal and explains how they have had prior dominating success in the legal battles concerning COVID-related mandates in our school districts.

Before long the questions end and AG Ken Paxton then mingles with the locals of Abilene. He shakes hands, answer’s questions, and takes pictures. Matter of fact, he took a picture with the Abilene Freedom League. He even accepted our pledge to uphold our constitutional rights and medical freedoms, hopefully, to be signed and returned at a later date. Lastly, he thanked our organization for what we are doing. But more importantly, is what we plan to do from this point on. As Attorney General Ken Paxton stated, Texans must keep up the fight, and the fight should always start in your local stomping grounds. To both Abilene and the Big Country, we invite you to spearhead the fight with Abilene Freedom League here and abroad. Let’s back up our Attorney General and our great state in the fight against tyranny, in the fight for our Freedom!

United we stand!

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