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Doctor Disregards Threats of Additional Punishment As She Calls Out CDC and Big Pharma Over Vaccine

Dr. Meryl Nass speaks during a recent Children’s Health Defense morning show about the recent CDC recommendation to add covid jabs to the childhood immunization schedule. She correctly calls them out and tells parents how to fight it. She is an Internal Medicine Specialist with more than 40 years experience who has been recently threatened and punished for speaking the truth about covid and the vaccine. In fact, this happened just days before she will be called in front of the Maine Medical Board because she spread “mis-information” by telling the truth about Covid. Here is what she said in the video above.

“The CDC and its advisory committee put the covid vaccines for children on the childhood childhood [immunization] schedule. This means that some States will adopt covid shots as a requirement to attend schools. Others may or may not choose to do so. It means the manufacturers [Big Pharma Vaccine makers] will get a different liability shield when the vaccines go on the market so you’ll never be able to sue a manufacturer for all the injuries from these vaccines.

It wasn’t announced. The CDC tried to sneak it in by never putting it on the agenda but instead saying they’re just going to have their advisory committee approve ‘edits’ to the childhood vaccine schedule. The FDA rep never showed up to the two days of meetings so I think the FDA was very pissed off that [the] CDC dared to put an experimental product on a childhood schedule which everyone knew meant it was going to be mandated in many places.

According to Nuremberg and US law, you cannot mandate an experimental product. You cannot force someone to be a guinea pig in an experiment. If you give them an experimental product it’s an experiment. Whether you want to call it or not, it is legally. This is a crime. This is sneaky. They knew they were gonna get into trouble. Somebody must have leaked the fact that that was what was going to happen at this meeting because it wasn’t clear from the agenda.

It’s not going to happen until next year so this is not going into effect until 2023. People have lots of time to fight it. You can fight it at the level of your attorney general. They can stop this from being mandated in their State. Governors can stop it. Legislators can stop it and people can say no. Parents need to work on getting their vaccine exemptions in place if they are able to.

What has happened is the CDC now has not only making war on parents, but on children. They want to inject them with a product they know is both dangerous and useless. We have to realize that the federal agencies have not just been captured by industry but they’ve been captured by an even more evil force that is working to change our society, to change our physiology, to inject us with a poison, and then do it over and over again.

Transcribed by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair

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