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Dr. Stillwagon Says People Who Said I Got Shot and I'm Fine Were Lucky (5 Reasons Why)

We've all run across those people who for one reason or another have fell for all the medical propaganda. They are the first in line to get the next shot or booster. They virtue signal on their Facebook, IG, and Twitter pages after getting the jab. They might even say stuff like "See, I got the shot and I'm fine." What these people don't understand is that every time they take a jab they are playing Russian Roulette. You might be lucky for a while but the thing about luck is it runs out. In the video below, Dr. Kevin Stillwagon explains five reasons why people like that should be worried during his comments at an Orange County Commissioners Meeting.

1.) If the needle goes into a vein or a capillary bed, those particles will rapidly spread to your heart and to your brain, increasing your chances of neurologic and cardiac symptoms.

2.) The number of particles in each syringe can vary tenfold.

3.) If the polyethylene glycol degrades, you could have a stroke or deadly heart attack within minutes.

4.) The mRNA can degrade, which would lessen the chance of side effects.

5.) The more acidic your body is, the more spike proteins you will make.

"But you can only be lucky for so long. The effects of this shot are cumulative. So my advice is to never ever get one of these shots again." Sources: Credit for video goes to The Vigilant Fox -

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