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FDA and Pfizer Delay Vote to Vaccinate Babies 6 Months to 4 Years, For Now...

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked Pfizer to present data on their initial trials for the first two doses of their Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children between six months old and four years old. The FDA has already approved the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) use of the vaccine for children five years and up. Pfizer was supposed to present their findings to the FDA's Vaccine Advisory Committee on Tuesday, February 15. The committee would then have voted on whether or not to advise the EUA for children in the new age group. However, recently, the FDA has gone ahead with approvals even when the committee didn't advise the go ahead.

The announcement was made Friday with the FDA saying the delay "will give the agency time to consider additional dates". The original plan was to give EUA approval on the first two shots while they were still testing the third. In a previous Pfizer clinical trial of children ages 2 to 4 years old, two doses failed to generate antibodies on par with other age groups. This is likely what is causing the delay while they see what a third one does.

Peter Marks M.D. (to the right), who is the director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Review said "The data that we saw made us realize that we needed to see data from a third dose in the ongoing trial in order to make a determination that we could proceed with doing an authorization." Don't get excited by that, as both the FDA and Pfizer expect the application for authorization to proceed once data comes in on a third dose of the vaccine and that should come in early April.

The announcement was met with displeasure by parents and activists pushing for the vaccinations of everyone. "Today's announcement is a travesty for millions of families and children across the Country. mRNA vaccines have been proven to be safe for children, and withholding them during the pandemic is unconscionable," said Protect Their Future; which is a grassroots group of physicians, parents, and activists advocating on behalf of young children and patients to have access to COVID-19 vaccines. This vaccine advocate group has pushed for quicker access to jabs for young children. This is as ridiculous as it sounds. Most people believe waiting is the correct decision, especially when the data presented shows two doses are not effective and even Pfizer already claims they need a third one. This, like the others, would turn into a continuous thing where two turns into three, four, five, and so on.

The practice of approving two shots that may or may not work before you even get results from the third is an aggressive and unusual strategy according to outside experts. Dr. Marks countered by claiming the number of cases from Omicron and the impact it was having on children caused the need for the FDA to act urgently. There were anonymous reports that the data came in late or may have had issues that emerged from the data.

The real question is even if this worked, why would it be worth the risks? According to Center for Disease Control (CDC) numbers from January 1, 2020, until February 10, 2022, there have been 136 "covid related deaths" in the age range this EUA would cover. The total number of deaths in the range was 10,564. That means all "covid related deaths'' have made up 1.29% of the total deaths. Multiple studies have shown that healthy kids who died from covid were between 12 and 18% of this number. 15% of 136 would be 20 deaths if the total number of "covid deaths'' was actually related to covid. We know that in other age groups people who died of drug overdoses, car accidents, and gunshot wounds were listed as covid deaths.

The CDC claims that there have been 1,886,484 confirmed cases of covid in ages 0-4 years old. If accurate, that would mean a child in that age group dying a "covid related death" would be 0.0072% and a healthy child dying from a "covid related death" would be 0.0010% of the people who had confirmed cases. The truth is no one knows how many children had covid and never knew because they were asymptomatic which is the case with most children. The actual number of healthy children to die from a "covid related death" is likely 10 to 20 times lower. Add in the number of deaths in the range that had no business being labeled as such and the true number of healthy children in the range is likely in the single digits.

Doctor Robert Malone, a virologist and immunologist who is known as one of the creators of the mRNA technology, said "Think twice before you vaccinate your kids. Because if something bad happens, you can't go back and say, 'whoops, I want a do-over,'". He also said "a viral gene will be injected into your children's cells" that "forces your child's body to make toxic spike proteins...These proteins often cause permanent damage in children's critical organs, including their brain and nervous system, their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots, their reproductive system, and this vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system."

No one can say they know what all the long-term damage these vaccines could cause is. We do know the short term. We do know in the short term there have been 23,615 deaths, 127,855 hospitalizations, 3,991 miscarriages, 12,039 heart attacks, and at least 32,436 cases of Myocarditis and Pericarditis. This specifically is shown to affect young people the most. Keep in mind, these are only the ones that have been reported... Often doctors report difficulty in submitting reports and many of which refuse to do so. Further, there are no current numbers on12-year-olds the damage the vaccines are doing to the 5-12-year-olds, and now they want to start injecting babies from six months of age up to four years old. It may have been delayed but don't count on that being permanent. At least until people wake up and stand up against it.

Written by guest writer Chris Turner


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