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FDA Tries To Pull A Fast One As Covid Jab Rate Continues to Plummet

The FDA announced on Tuesday that it would be removing the original monovalent shots created by Moderna and Pfizer from the Emergency Use Authorization in the United States. While that might seem like a good thing at first glance, it is a bait and switch.

The FDA went on to clarify that monovalent shots are still approved (licensed) but they are not authorized for Emergency Use in the United States. But don’t worry, the Bivalent (includes mRNA of two variants like omicron ba.4 and omicron ba.5) jabs currently known as the latest booster will be repurposed as one time jab for all those pesky unvaccinated people and the “quitters” who woke up to the corruption somewhere along the way. Now, you can get one jab per year just like the flu shot but don’t compare it to the flu because they don’t like that.

To recap, instead of taking a couple dangerous jabs that go after strains you can’t catch you can now take one dangerous jab which is supposed to fight off two strains that you likely won’t catch and are the least lethal of all the strains.

Dr Peter McCullough weighed in on the FDA’s announcement today saying “Boosters repurposed as a primary series with NO placebo-controlled RCTs demonstrating reductions in severe disease/hospitalization/death. The FDA and CDC departed from regulatory standards a long time ago. Public booster uptake slowed to "crawl."

He also said the “Field narrows: old 100% WIV Spike mRNA pulled, reduced dose 50 mcg Moderna versus same dose 30 mcg Pfizer. Both bivalent, unsafe, ineffective (WIV Spike 50%/BA4BA5 50%).” In the announcement, Director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Peter Marks said “At this stage of the pandemic, data support simplifying the use of the authorized mRNA bivalent COVID-19 vaccines and the agency believes that this approach will help encourage future vaccination.”

What he didn’t say is that people have largely stopped taking these covid jabs and this is hurting their Big Pharma Master’s pockets. The Hill reports that “Almost eight months after the bivalent shot was authorized, less than 20 percent of the eligible U.S. population has received an updated booster.” This is backed up by a ABC News reports stating “Vaccine uptake has slowed to a crawl in the U.S. Only 16.7% of people in the US overall and less than half of people over 65 have received a bivalent booster shot.” The Hill noted that the rate at which people are getting the jab continues to fall with each new booster and going to a once a year schedule like the flu shot is a last ditch effort by officials to sucker you into getting it.

Peter Marks did say that most of the US population 5 years and older has antibodies to the virus either from “vaccination” or infection. This admission flies in the face of them telling us that natural antibodies don’t work for three years.

It is also worth noting how quickly the change from the original EUA jabs happened after the Biden Admin finally admitted the never-ending National Emergency is over. Make of that what you will.

Finally, the BA.5 booster that will be part of the new yearly jab is the same one that was tested on eight rats before it was unleashed on lab rats of the human kind. “Medical professionals” claim that is not a cause for concern because the first variant was tested more thoroughly and this one is slightly tweaked and similar. If you feel comforted by that logic, you are probably up-to-date on your jab schedule.

In the end, they know that people are done with the jab and that the evidence about how dangerous they have been from the start is impossible to deny so this is a last ditch effort to get you to buy in for a once a year jab. If you want to read the actual announcement or read more about the reports from The Hill and ABC News, they are linked below.


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