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Freedom League Director Goes on Infowars to Discuss the Current Diesel Shortage

The Abilene Freedom League was represented well once again as one of the organization's Founders and the Director of Public Relations, Tyler Lineweaver was invited onto the Infowars platform for the second time. Specifically, Tyler was a call-in guest on the War Room With Owen Shroyer. Tyler is a fuel hauler out of Abilene and they brought him on as Truck Driver with first hand knowledge of the fuel shortages affecting the supply chain. For those of you who are unaware there is a current shortage on diesel and gas locally, and a diesel shortage Nationally.

The video above is the full interview with Tyler on the War Room. You can watch it for yourself or here is the transcript.

Owen asks Tyler what he is seeing and hearing about the diesel crisis that is looming.

“First of all, I want to say it is a pleasure to be back on the show. If you remember I was on your show this past Spring in person representing Abilene Freedom League and back then the hot topic was the Freedom Convoy. Now, the hot topic is like you mentioned, the fuel shortage. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a fuel hauler out of the Abilene Texas region which they consider the key city to the West. [It’s] about two hours East of Permian Basin, which has some of the largest oil and gas production in the world. Right now, to put things into perspective. There are two places out of Abilene that fuel haulers can get their fuel from. As of right now, we are barely able to get any out of those two places….That’s forcing fuel haulers in the area to go out East to Dallas about two and a half hours out of Abilene to go get their fuel and then having to drive all the way back just to deliver fuel. What that’s doing is creating a great strain on the local supply to the point where gas stations are starting to run out because we can’t keep up driving those long distances. Both the locations in Abilene get their fuel from refineries. One is from Big Springs and the other is from the Houston area. Both of those places are having trouble getting fuel right now….So the place we’re getting it from right now, the fuel comes all the way out from the coast. I just came from the Big Springs oil refinery about a week ago and they’re producing diesel. I know that for a fact. The question is where is all that diesel going. I have reason to believe that what these refineries are doing is actually sending the majority of that diesel they’re producing out to the East Coast via rail line. We know about all the oil and gas problems they have out there as we speak.”

Owen asked Tyler if he thinks this is an initiative to make sure the Northeast doesn’t freeze out because of the energy crisis we are facing overall as a Nation or do you think something else is going on because we shouldn’t be having this problem in Texas. We are a very oil rich State even with the Biden Administration shutting off the pipelines. Are you hearing about these shortages anywhere else or is it just in Texas? Tyler responded to the questions, saying “We know it is going on in other places and it’s hard to believe it is isolated to this area….We know for a fact that they are having problems on the East Coast and they have a supply issue. It makes sense for companies to want to sell that and transport it to the East Coast because they’re making tremendous profit. At the same time, we’re starting to see the strain in the areas where we are getting the oil and gas from. What’s going on is not natural. It’s hard to see how this isn’t planned because this doesn’t just happen on a regular basis. We should be up and running at full force and that’s just not happening.” Shroyer then asks if this is just a temporary thing and if Tyler knows any solutions to the problem or is this just the new normal that everyone is soon going to know about? Tyler wastes no time answering and tells Owen “This time of year a lot of the oil companies do what is called a ‘turn around’. They start doing maintenance and when it starts getting colder they focus on winterized grade fuel. That way it won’t freeze in people’s tanks. After doing so, they shut down for maintenance. The refineries we get fuel from claimed they were opening back up but then shut down for maintenance but that doesn’t make any sense. I was just there and know they are producing diesel. So, they’re sending it out to the East Coast and I don’t know if it is going to be a long term thing but this isn’t something we are used to seeing.”

Owen follows up by asking what do you think the big story is and what do the American people need to know about it? Tyler said “This is something I hope you guys can verify because I have been talking to fuel brokers and different truck drivers that have been in this game for a long time. The big topic lately has been the diesel emergency reserve that the Nation has. We have every reason to believe that they have been having to tap into that to the tune of going from the 25 base supply down to 15. Like I said, I can not verify that to be sure but I’ve talked to some very reliable people who think that is the case….We’re definitely not getting the full story from the mainstream media, the government, or a lot of these oil companies because they don’t want people to know there is that much of a strain right now and cause panic in the market. I just want to let people know that they’re not seeing the full picture and the fuel haulers on the front line are seeing it.” Owen talked about how the Biden Administration has cut off so much oil production in the last two years and asks if there is a way to know what the picture looks like. Tyler responds by saying “This doesn’t just happen overnight. There has been a constraining of the oil and gas industry ever since he has been in office. In the Trump Administration we were exporting. We were at a net positive which we could easily do again. This is clearly by design what is happening….and I’m going to stand by that.” Owen asks if some truckers are not making the trips because it is not worth it anymore with all the extra travel to get fuel. Tyler agrees and says “Yeah, just look at the price of diesel right now. You have to think about the companies that have to pay for that and the independent contractors that are put in a detrimental situation. We have to travel two and half hours east just to deliver west of Abilene and that is not feasible if we keep this up. Even in the short term, fuel stations are running out of fuel. Now, we are able to get it to them within a few hours of them running out but it’s just going to keep getting worse if we have to keep going out of our way. Something has to give soon or we could be in a dire situation where we have to keep pulling out of that diesel reserve. What happens when that is gone?”

Owen responds by saying that people don’t realize what happens if the trucking industry gets hit like this or is forced to shut down because the numbers just don’t add up for them to deliver products. He says we are talking about supply change collapse here. He asks if Tyler agrees. Tyler says “If we start running out of diesel in the stores even if it is just in a certain region of the Country, for hours at a time we would be looking at weeks if not months of damage. It would do so much harm because everything is delivered using fossil fuels and we can’t do without it for even a short time. If we run out, it will spell disastrous things for this Country.” Owen thanked Tyler for coming on, plugged the Abilene Freedom League, and then asked if he had anything else he wanted to say. Tyler ended the interview by saying “just remind people that there is no backup infrastructure. We can’t fall back on electric. We have to depend on fossil fuels and if it’s not there we are in for a real show.” Written by Chris Turner Online Content Chair Sources:

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