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Fully Vaccinated Cruise Experiences COVID-19 Outbreak

A Norwegian Cruise Line ship with more than 3,200 people on board disembarking in New Orleans has at least 17 cases of COVID-19 according to officials. One of these cases has been confirmed to be the Omicron variant. According to the Louisiana Department of Health, not only were the crew members fully vaccinated but so were all of the passengers.

The Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship left New Orleans on Nov. 28. The ship stopped in Mexico, Honduras, and Belize before making the voyage back to New Orleans. The ship was set to reach New Orleans on Dec. 5. but currently still has guests on the ship as of Dec. 7. Norwegian Cruise Lines “has been adhering to appropriate quarantine and isolation protocols as new cases and exposures have been identified aboard this vessel,” according to a statement.

Do we need a better experiment than this to shed light on the fact that the vaccines are failing at the job a vaccine is to do.... provide immunity, as had been promised at the start of all this. But now, you must wear your mask, and get your boosters and STILL, we have fully vaccinated cruises having outbreaks of COVID and now everyone onboard is being tested for COVID-19 before leaving the ship.

According to a Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson, the “identified cases onboard are asymptomatic." So, that means that even though everyone on the cruise was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, they still decided to test people who were not even feeling ill! They either knew the vaccine was unreliable or they are lying.

This is a developing story.

Check out this video from Facts Matter with Roman where he covers this story among other COVID-19 related topics! This video was posted on youtube earlier on Dec. 6, but as of 11:30 pm on Dec. 6, the video has been removed from youtube...


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