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Future Arizona Governor Kari Lake Is All About Medical Freedom

Kari Lake has been one of the most impressive candidates I have seen in quite a while. She has 30 years in the media and knows exactly how to speak to get people to listen while continuously calling out the fake news for their lies. She believes in many of the same things MAGA republicans do but while she isn’t as brash as Trump, she is just as quick-witted and matter of fact as he is. She is going to be a huge star in conservative circles for many years to come and I believe will end up on a Presidential ticket by 2028. There are countless things she has said that I agree with but today I decided to take a look at her stance on covid jabs and the recent addition of the shots to the childhood immunization schedule. These video clips are short and to the point. I suggest you take the 5 minutes it would take to watch them all. I transcribed each one to give you more details.

Kari was asked a question on October 17 on if there were any laws in Arizona that gives any agency in the State the power to lock down, quarantine, and force vaccination. She wasted no time making it clear where she stood.

“I don’t think there is a law on the books that says that but they sure did that didn’t they? The way our State and many others reacted to covid was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen our Government do in my life. They took healthy people and quarantined them. They masked up our beautiful children. And by the way, when everyone knew the masks were a bunch of bologna. They kept our children in them the longest. They shut our churches down when we needed them most during covid. That’s when we needed churches the most. They shut our schools down. What we did during covid can never ever happen again and as Governor, I will never let that happen again.”

During a press conference on October 19, a left wing reporter said that “Tucker Carlson just said that the CDC is about to mandate the vaccine for children to attend school. Is that something you support?” Once again, Kari Lake immediately responded and said the following:

“Absolutely not! We will never allow that in Arizona. This is an experimental shot. Our children are not guinea pigs and we’re not going to have instances of myocarditis in our young, precious children. We will fight that with every fiber in our being. We’re not going to have this forced shot by the CDC which has their tentacles in Big Pharma and I’m going to fight that. This is an experimental shot and we’re seeing injuries from this vaccine and we’re not going to force our precious, healthy children to get a shot that is already proving to be not only ineffective [but] it’s also proving to be dangerous.”

Katie was doing another “Ask Me Anything event” on October 21 and one of the questions was “Do you agree with the covid vaccine being added to the children’s immunizations for school? Shaking her head before the question was even finished she said no right away, saying this.

“No. I heard about this a few nights ago and I immediately put out a statement saying no, hell no. We’re not doing this. We’re not going to do this to our children. First of all, we’re learning and I don’t judge anybody that took the vaccine. That’s a personal choice. Unfortunately, we weren’t given the full information about it and I think that you should be able to sue if you’ve been injured due to this vaccine. The fact that they got that carve out deal in Washington DC is sick. Anybody running a company here, wouldn’t you love to have a company where you couldn’t be sued ever? We let Big Pharma have that ability with these vaccines. We’re finding out that people are getting sick. The people who are getting sick the most with covid are the ones who got the shot. We’re finding out that healthy people who got it develop myocarditis. Children are getting myocarditis. Now we have something called sudden adult death syndrome? That just happened since we got the shot. So, I want you to make your health choices. I don’t want the Government making it and we have a great law on the books right now that will prevent children from having to get that shot in order to go to school. What we’re going to do when I’m Governor if Governor Ducey doesn’t do it before then, we’re going to pressure and make sure that our health department is enforcing that. We will not require our precious babies, our precious grandchildren to be used as guinea pigs for an experimental shot.

When asked today if she would make the COVID Vax MANDATORY for Arizona Children, Democrat Katie Hobbs said she didn’t know yet…

Well, I know my answer:


At another event on October 22, Kari Lake talked about what her opponent, Katie Hobbs wants to do regarding the vaccines.

“She wants to force our children to get a vaccine that is an experimental shot in order to get an education. I’ll tell you what. When I’m your Governor we will not make our kids guinea pigs. We will never force them to get that shot! Our children are not guinea pigs to Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma.”

She also put this message out on Social Media.

"I'll tell you what. When I'm your Governor, we will not make our kids guinea pigs, we will never FORCE them to get that shot.

Arizona will NOT be forcing COVID shots into our children’s arms or filthy masks onto their beautiful faces.

Thx but no thx.”

At this point, there is not mistaking where Kari Lake stands on the issue of covid, the jab, masks, and general medical freedom. There are a lot of reasons to like her as a candidate. This is just one more. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Chair

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