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German MEP Christine Anderson Destroys Globalist Over Covid Vaccines, Yet Again

Anderson is a member of the European Parliament representing the Alternative for Germany Party. She has been very vocal when it comes to the covid jabs, the treatment of the unvaccinated, and propaganda being pushed on behalf of Big Pharma. The video above is just a piece of one of her public call-outs of the propagandists. If you would rather read the transcript it is as follows: “We are pleased to hold another press conference today because of the events unfolding after the committee’s session of last Monday when our colleague, which I hope will still be able to join us this morning, asked Pfizer a question. The answer was what really made the news. Put in a nutshell, the cat is out of the bag. It was a gigantic lie what they told us, that vaccines would prevent you from catching this virus or would prevent transmission. Well, none of that was true as it turns out it was based on that lie.

All of the mandates, all of the lockdowns, all of the non-pharmaceutical measures such as wearing masks, staying at home, and curfews were based on that gigantic lie and yet, they will not acknowledge it. No, they just go ahead with whatever they want to do with us.

I would like to point out a couple of things from the EU Commission's Action Plan. The ‘EU’s Response to Coid-19: Preparing for Autumn/Winter, 2023’. As you might have guessed, the focus is of course still on these hazardous MNRA injections. That’s not surprising here. They would like to ‘implement and coordinate effective communication initiatives and strategies to promote uptake of additional injections and complete the primary series of those who have not even begun yet’. The unvaccinated.

So, once again, a particular group of the population is being targeted and that’s what they’re trying to do. They would like to ‘increase vaccine confidence by debunking mis and dis-information’. Well, who is spreading the mis and the dis-information? It is the EU commission. It is the pharmaceutical companies. It is governments, especially in the Western democracies. They are the ones spreading the mis and the dis-information. They are the ones telling people lies! For what, so their pharmaceutical companies make profits and profits and profits. And the risks, well guess what? You, the taxpayer will be left with the risks.

Then of course, they want to target ‘hard to reach population groups’. Well, I guess in that instance, they are actually talking about me. Yes, I am a hard to reach population group because I saw through their lies from the get go. I’m still unvaccinated and I will remain unvaccinated. I will not inject a poisonous substance into my body, point blank! So go ahead and try to ‘target’ me. Good luck with that.

Then of course, they go on with the gaslighting. Labeling ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as anti-Western and anti-EU. Can you believe this? So anyone who is not willing to let themselves be injected with this ‘vaccine’ is anti-Western and anti-EU. No ladies and gentleman, let’s be clear about this. If you do not want to poison your body then it is your choice to do with your body whatever you please. Remember ‘My body, my choice’? That’s their narrative, actually.

So, if you do not want to take that vaccine, that has nothing to do with being anti-Western and anti-EU. It is Pro-People! That’s what it is and it is anti-globalist elites. That’s what it is.

In this action plan they refer several times to not only covid-19 but now they slip in influenza. So, this will be the next step for their measures, whether it be vaccinations or non-pharmaceutical interventions like wearing masks or staying at home curfews. Then they will be able to do so when there is a ‘influenza pandemic or wave’.

Whenever I think they couldn’t possibly come up with yet another atrocity to inflict on people, they sure as heck prove me wrong. The EU Commission proposes now, to ‘prioritize administering of the update’ injection for the ‘vulnerable groups’ and they list who these vulnerable groups are. They start by saying ‘people age 60 years or older, individuals with underlying conditions’. No problem there. But then they list another group and you really need to brace yourselves for that one. The vulnerable group among those who should be given ‘priority to take this update vaccine’ are pregnant women. I have never heard anything more despicable than that because the point is they do not know what this ‘vaccine’ does to the unborn child. They simply have no clue! And yet now they are pushing it on pregnant women and keep in mind there has been a drop in birth rate.

We don’t know why that happened. You would expect the opposite of that. I mean people were locked down. Remember what happened when they had a blackout in New York in the 70's. Nine months later there were babies left and right but not this time. People were locked up for months in their homes and nothing, a drop in birth rate. So, they will continue to push whatever their end goal is.”

Transcribe by Chris Turner

Online Content Chair

Sources: The Video provided

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