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ICAN Acquires First Batch of CDC Covid V-Safe Data, and it's Damning

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has just achieved a huge victory as the non-profit was granted a court ordered data dump of CDC vaccine safety (V-Safe) data. This information didn't come without a fight as ICAN had to file a FOIA and then sue the CDC twice since December 2021 before a judge ordered the government agency to begin the process of handing the data in question over. ICAN is a non-profit organization with the goal of getting truth and information so people can get as close to informed consent as possible and then make their own health decisions. What You Need To Know

So what is this data and why does it matter? The V-Safe data allows users to "quickly and easily share with CDC how you, or your dependent, feel after getting a COVID-19 vaccine." Much like with the FDA not wanting to hand over Pfizer data, the CDC did not want to hand over this data. Their refusal came despite it not giving away users' personal information and having already handed over the data to the company Oracle. After their recent court victory, ICAN received the first batch of data which contained 144 million rows of health data. This is an incredible amount of data as one file alone was 23 gigabytes in size. Despite having a budget of millions to build a program around the data, the CDC did nothing with it and begrudgingly handed over the walls of text. Thankfully, ICAN worked around the clock to take the data available and build a user-friendly dashboard where anyone can go on and start to look up reaction information from those who had Covid Vaccines. The first batch of data included pre-populated 'check-the-box' fields but didn't include data from the fields that allowed free-text responses. Despite this, the available info shows insane information that should have put a stop to the vaccine rollout. The data handed over covered approximately 10 million individuals and 3,353,110 (33%) of these individuals had adverse health impacts. The data also shows that 782,913 individuals, or over 7.7% of v-safe users, had an adverse reaction requiring medical attention, a trip to the ER, and/or hospitalization. Twenty-five percent of those vaccinated had an event that caused them to miss school, work, and/or prevented normal activities. In total, there were 71 million reports of symptoms out of 10 million individuals, meaning for each person who got a jab, they averaged roughly 7 symptoms. Since the V-Safe data only account for about 4% of those vaccinated, one could determine that tens of millions had an immune or joint pain reaction to the jab. Sadly, 13,000 infants under 2 years of age were registered for v-safe. Out of these babies, there were over 33,000 symptoms experienced that were significant enough to report.

Check out the data for yourself HERE. The vaccine adverse reaction dashboard above can be used to look up a host of different things from the health events reported after certain shots or how the jabs seemed to affect one sex over the other. As an example, there were a disproportionate amount of negative medical events following Moderna vaccines compared to Pfizer and way more negative reports from women than men. You are able to search health impacts reported by severity, brand, sex, age, race, and even time zone. Likewise, the dashboard allows you to search symptoms severity, a specific symptom, and even what month/year was the worst. As you search, keep in mind this data doesn't include the free-text fields within v-safe where registrants were able to enter additional information which means there were likely a lot of symptoms and health impacts not reported in this data dump. For those of you who have been following along, this data dump serves as just one more reason to question the safety and need for these jabs. We don't give out medical advice here but when I see something like this, it just validates my decision to remain unvaccinated. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Chair Sources: Del Bigtree Video: ICAN Dashboard: September 15 ICAN Update: October 3 ICAN Update: ICAN Legal Documents:

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