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Illegals Continue to Poor Into Texas in Huge Numbers Under Biden Admin as Title 42 In Jeopardy

As we are less than two weeks from Title 42 expiring, thousands of migrants are coming across the border into Texas and other States by the thousands. The policy was put in place in 2020 under the Trump administration and has been the target of Democrats and Pro-Immigration NGOs ever since. The El Paso sector is averaging 2,500 illegal crossings every day and as word spreads about Title 42 ending it is just going to get worse. The Biden Administration has been willfully blind when it comes to doing anything about the border crisis for two years. According to the latest statistics out of El Paso, they keep 5,000 illegals in custody and release around 900 every day into the State or to NGOs who then transport them all over the State and Country.

The problem is going to continue to get worse as the current policy makers refuse to do anything and haven’t since coming into power. The Biden Administration knows things are about to get even more unmanageable as they fight to end Title 42. Thankfully, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk in Texas stayed the termination until legal challenges by Texas and Missouri plays out but this did not reinstate the policy. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called in another win for Texas although he admitted it is a temporary one. He also just called for an investigation into the NGOs that are helping to give money, phones, and transport around the State and Country. The problem is getting so bad that one of the Abilene Freedom Directors ran into an illegal immigrant transport last Friday. Tyler Lineweaver, who is the Director of Public Relations, was working in Ranger, Texas when he saw two white unmarked buses at a gas station. There were about 30 illegals on the two buses.

They got out and were smoking cigarettes, buying stuff from the store, taking pictures on their new phones, and having a great time. Tyler managed to get footage of some of them in the store. You can bet the NGOs or the American Taxpayer is paying for all that.

Lineweaver noticed that the staff had on blue polos and black pants. He went up and spoke with them to find out more about the transport. This group of illegals had been housed at the Bluebonnet Detention Center in Anson, Texas. This is an ICE holding facility. They were taking the illegals to put them on a plane to fly them to an unknown location.

This will become an even more common occurrence as long as they are letting illegals invade Texas and the Country as a whole. The DHS says it expects between 12,000 and 14,000 illegal border crossing per day once Title 42 is no longer in place. More than four million illegals have come into the US since Biden got into office and that number will further explode the second this policy goes away. You know things are bad when CNN is admitting there is a border crisis.

Written by Chris Turner Director of Online Content Sources: Tyler Lineweaver

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