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“In God We Trust” Poster Fundraiser a Big Success

As some of you know, Abilene Freedom League has been looking to expand the reach of our organization beyond just medical freedom. While we still believe this is an important fight, we have started the process of branching out. Abilene Freedom League Directors decided a great first cause to do this would be to take advantage of a State law passed in 2021 which says that any public school who gets donated a framed poster featuring the National motto, the American flag, and the Texas flag must display it in a visible area of the school. With everything going on in public schools in the Country, we believed that injecting a little reminder of patriotism and that this nation was built on Godly principles is a worthwhile cause. We began a two week fundraiser capped off by an Abilene Freedom League sign wave. The fundraiser was a success as we raised $1,492 to put towards getting posters made and framing them.

We would like to put out a special thanks to some of our biggest donors to the fundraiser. Without their generous donations we would not be able to do as many schools as we will now do.

Dr. Bruce and Charlotte Davis

Jay Hardaway

Representative Stan Lambert

The Honorable Phil Crowley

We would also like to thank everyone else who donated online or in person to this cause or who volunteered time to help with the sign wave. This includes Brian, who pulled up at the sign wave and made a generous donation on the spot. If you played any role or donated any amount you have been a great help. We also would like to thank Rich and Lynn Sanders of Vista Flags for supplying signs and flags.

Because of the success of the fundraiser, the Abilene Freedom League is currently getting enough posters made to be able to donate to every school in Abilene ISD and Wylie ISD. From there, we will continue to branch out to as many school districts as possible from here to Sweetwater.

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