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Joe Rogan Scares Democrats, Government Agencies, MSM, and Big Pharma!!!

You might wonder why a 54 year old comedian, Actor, UFC Commentator, and Podcaster would have crooked politicians, unelected bureaucrats, the legacy news, and Big Pharmaceutical giants all pulling out their hair and running scared. It's not because he can make them laugh, play an upcoming role, or call a big fight. It is because he has the number one podcast in the entire world. People listen to a vast list of guests from Mike Tyson to Elon Musk. He has comedians, actors, fighters, hunters, scientists, politicians, authors, doctors, and more on his podcast to have long form conversations.

You might think so what. It is just a podcast. It can't be that big of a deal. You would be wrong. According to the Washington Post "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast averages 11 million listeners per episode (330 million listeners a month) and 200 million monthly downloads. To give you an idea of his reach compared to other podcasts, radio, and news shows, he averages 11-12 times the audience of Howard Stern. He has a bigger podcast than anything the New York Times, iHeartRadio, Spotify, NBC, or NPR puts out. An average show does more than the Fox News PrimeTime line-up combined, more than CNN does in an entire day, almost 5 times what Rachel Maddow gets, and nearly three times what Tucker Carlson brings in. It is not debatable how big of a power player Rogan has become when looking at his views, subscriptions, and downloads. He single handedly is responsible for Spotify's market cap increasing by $3 billion in the 24 hours after news of the deal broke. You still might be wondering why all the forces mentioned in the title are so scared of Rogan. The answer is when he decides to have a guest on and talk about a subject or ask questions about an issue, he can shape or counter a narrative without even trying to do so.

Joe Rogan was never really a problem for the professional liars in Washington, the Fake News, and Big Pharma before the plandemic. He was socially left leaning independent who talked mostly about comedy, martial arts, and occasionally would shake it up with an Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Ben Shapiro, or Edward Snowden episode. He lived in California, never really had politicians other than Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard on. For the most part, he would drink, smoke some weed, and entertain himself as much as the viewer. He was critical of Trump and Hillary,

Fast-forward to the plandemic in 2020 and things started to change. Initially he kind of went along with the shutdowns like most people. Then as it became apparent that the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom was going to do what most the Democratic Governors did and use the whole thing as a power grab, he started to speak up against it. Joe made it a regular talking point that these politicians were out of control. He openly mocked Biden and questioned his mental capacity. Eventually, he started considering a move out of the State and as things continued to stay locked down in California, he did what a lot of 'refugees' have done and moved to Texas. He packed up his family and his Podcast Empire and moved to Austin.

However, the fire was already lit. Rogan started questioning the push for vaccines, the lack of Ivermectin and Monoclonal Antibodies use for early treatment, and started openly asking questions that the establishment politicians, FDA, CDC, "lord Fauci", Pfizer, and the Fake News hated. He would get blasted by people claiming "the science" showed Ivermectin was not approved and that Joe Rogan needed to stop telling his listeners to take "dangerous horse dewormer".

Their issues with the Podcast King exploded when he came out and announced that he had contracted covid, had taken a regimen of Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Monoclonal Antibodies, and more to combat it, and was feeling great after two days. This was the last message the people trying to use covid for money, power, and control wanted to get out. They all went on a full fledged attack. CNN openly lied about Rogan, the stuff he was taking, and even went as far as to change the color on his Instagram post talking about his recovery to make him look half dead. Rogan would not be broken. He called out CNN, made their doctor cower on his show, and then questioned if he should sue the dying news organization for what they said and done.

Rogan had no plans of leaving it at that. He kept talking about what worked for him, even getting other famous people like Aaron Rodgers and Dana White to take the early treatment that had worked for him. Both did and they recovered in a couple days as well. Then December rolled around and Rogan used the power of his Podcast to really change the game. He put up JRE Episode #1747 with Doctor Peter McCullough, which got 40 million views in the first week. He soon followed that viral podcast with JRE Episode #1757 with Doctor Robert Malone, which is reported to have got 50 million views. The pair of Doctors have easily surpassed the 100 million viewer mark since they did the podcast in December and that may be a low end estimate.

This of course sent all the forces pushing this plandemic propaganda into a frenzy. Every fake news talking head and writer out there immediately started putting out hit pieces on Joe Rogan and both of the very legitimate Doctors. One such hit piece that has been making the rounds is that "Nearly 300 Doctors call out Spotify, demanding they stop Joe Rogan from Spreading Covid Disinformation". This is nothing more than propaganda from a small percentage of people trying to keep the lie going. They called Joe Rogan a "Menace to public health" and demanded Spotify take down his viral interview with Doctor Robert Malone. Of the 270 'Doctors', only one third were actually practicing physicians. The list of so-called Doctors included podcasters, medical students, nurse practitioners, professors, researchers, social workers, psychiatrists, therapists, dentists, veterinarians, and a cannabis farmer with a HS diploma. It is safe to say that no one on that list of 'Doctors' is more qualified than either Doctor McCullough or Doctor Malone when it comes to covid.

This was no more than a lame attempt to prop up a dying narrative. The cat is out of the bag. People are waking up daily to the propaganda of the plandemic and the jab. People like Joe Rogan are helping those who couldn't see it before to wake up. Spotify has said nothing as they know how big of a deal Rogan is and how much money he makes the company. Joe Rogan will go on and continue causing the Democrats, Fake News, the unelected bureaucrats, the companies making Billions off this farce, and the so called experts who prop up their lies to lose their minds and their money. That is a Joe Rogan Experience we can all get behind.

UPDATE: Since writing this articles and being embarrassed by the initial 270 'Doctors' they have added a lot more activists to the list and claim it is now a list of 1,000. It is just adding numbers to a lost cause because Spotify still has been silent and it is deafening. Singer Neil Young put out a letter to Spotify' on January 24 through Rolling Stone Magazine in which he says either take Joe Rogan off Spotify or take me off. Spoiler Alert: He doesn't even own all his music and probably can't make that decision. Even if he does, he doesn't bring in a fraction of the money Rogan does and this is a publicity stunt to show everyone how 'woke' he is.

-Written by guest writer Chris Turner

Sources include The Washington Post, Spotify, ratings, Yahoo News, Rolling Stone Magazine, the Joe Rogan Podcast, the Open Letter to Spotify from "Doctors", CNN, and Andrew Wilkinson

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