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Nationwide Pause on ALL 3 of Biden's Federal Vaccine Mandates

More good news coming today out of a Federal Court in Georgia. Judge R. Stan Baker has issued a temporary injunction including a NATIONWIDE PAUSE for Biden's overreaching executive order mandating all federal contractors to get the COVID vaccine.

Biden issued this tyrannical executive order on Sept. 9 requiring contractors to ensure their workers are vaccinated against Covid and follow masking and social distancing policies. The White House originally gave contractors until Dec. 8 to comply but later pushed back the deadline until Jan. 4, due to backlash that this deadline would drastically hinder the supply chain before Christmas.

The case was brought by Attorney General Wilson and Governor Henry McMaster, along with attorneys general and governors of six other states including Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Utah, and West Virginia. Other state entities are also named as plaintiffs.

The lawsuit argues that the federal mandate is unconstitutional as it violates the Tenth Amendment, which grants states and the people powers that are not delegated by the Constitution to the federal government. It also calls into question the lack of exceptions for contractors that “work alone, outside, or even exclusively remotely.”

Abuse of power by the Biden administration has been stopped cold again. The rule of law has prevailed and liberty is protected. When the President oversteps his authority the law is thankfully there to halt his misuse of power,” Attorney General Wilson said.

The court told the Biden administration to halt enforcement of the mandate "in all covered contracts in any state or territory of the United States of America." The court's decision to issue a nationwide injunction comes a week after another federal district court in Kentucky halted enforcement in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Baker wrote in Tuesday's order that "limiting the relief to only those before the Court would prove unwieldy and would only cause more confusion." It would also not provide relief to the builders association for contracts in other states, he wrote.

Now, officially ALL three of Biden's overreaching federal vaccine mandates are PAUSED NATIONWIDE!

  • The CMS mandate is being paused out of a Federal Court in Louisiana. This mandate affected any Healthcare facility that works with CMS. CMS primarily handles Medicaid and Medicare.

  • The OSHA Mandate is being paused in the 6th circuit US Court. This is the mandate that forces businesses with more than 100 employees to vaccinate all of those employees.

  • And finally, today with the ruling for Federal contractors!

Abilene Freedom League will continue to update you as these cases play out, but consider this a win for Freedom in America!


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