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New Project Veritas Video Shows NYC Mayor Adams & Appeals Panel Are Ignoring Vax Mandate Injunction

As many of you are aware, the NYPD’s Police Benevolent Association (PBA) won a recent lawsuit against the City of New York granting an injunction for their officers who did not want to receive the vaccine with many claiming religious exemptions to the shot. In late September, Justice Lyle Frank of the Manhattan Supreme Court invalidated the Covid jab mandate when he ruled that it could no longer be a condition of employment, be subject to monetary sanctions, that previous employees who were terminated or put on leave be reinstated, and it couldn’t be a condition that determined if someone is employed going forward.

This was a move widely celebrated by those opposed to vaccine mandates and looked to be a step in the right direction. However, NYC Mayor Eric Adams and his Reasonable Accommodation Appeals panel have decided to blatantly ignore the ruling and continue to violate these first responder’s First Amendment rights.

The video above is the latest Project Veritas jewel as it features an NYPD Whistleblower who says the Mayor and his panel are ignoring the Judge's order to reinstate unvaccinated officers and that it is sending out emails telling current officers that their religious exemption requests are denied and they are still mandated to get vaccinated or they will be. The Whistleblower said “They’re basically telling you that your religious beliefs are not religious enough for them.”

Another NYPD Officer sent Project Veritas an email explaining that not only are Mayor Adams and the NYPD ignoring the court order and denying religious exemptions but they are sending out threatening emails. Below is a look at the email sent in by the Reasonable Accommodation Appeals panel.

In the email it states that the majority of the panel does not support a religious exemption accommodation and that the NYPD officer is not exempt from the mandate. It goes on to say that the officer has “seven calendar days from the date of this notice to submit proof of vaccination” and “If you do not do so, you will be placed on leave without pay (LWOP)”.

Another unnamed Veritas source said that the City has already fired a lot of people and they would be encouraging lawsuits from those people if they didn’t continue to punish the unvaccinated in the same way they did those early on. The source claimed that they have already jumped in with both feet and they can’t come out and change their mind at this point. This of course is all in complete violation of the court’s ruling and the First Amendment. Hopefully the exposure from Veritas will put NYC officials in the spotlight and the Judge will go after them once again.

Written by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair Sources:

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