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New Study From Australian Government Shows Covid Hospitalization Rates Rise With Every Dose

A new data dump has been put out by the South Wales, Australian Government and the findings are worse than proponents of the jab could ever hope for. In fact, this type of information is why many Governments have stopped publishing data on vaccines altogether. The data being currently reported in the NSW respiratory surveillance reports is bad news for the vaccine pushers and even worse news for those that have taken them.

According to the data, which covers a 7 week period from May 28, 2022 until July 7, 2022, you are 37 times more likely to be hospitalized if you are vaccinated than if you are unvaccinated. This destroys the narrative that "90% of all hospitalization are the unvaccinated" or that we are in "a pandemic of the unvaccinated" as Joe Biden said back in the days when he didn't get Covid twice in two weeks despite having 2 jabs and 2 boosters.

It just gets worse for Big Pharma and Big Government the deeper you dig into the results. The chart above clearly lays out that not only are you way more likely to be hospitalized if you are vaccinated, it is Dose-Determined. That means for each shot you have gotten, you are more likely to be hospitalized. The regular blue at the far left of each week represents the unvaccinated. One dose is dark blue, yellow is two doses, red is three doses, and green is all four doses. Since June 18, hospitalization rates have gone up by dose. Not only that, but the last week saw every vaccinated group hit a new high. That week, someone who had both jabs and both boosters was more than 76 times more likely to be hospitalized than someone who was unvaccinated. Just let that sink in for a moment. Here are some more inconvenient truths for the vaccine propaganda pushers. The seven week average for an unvaccinated person to be hospitalized was 1.72 people per million. For those with one jab, it was 45.52 people, for two jabs it was 44.81 people, for two jabs and a booster it was 63.31 people, and for those poor souls who have had both jabs and both boosters it was 151.93 people per million.

The amount of people who are vaccinated and being hospitalized continues to grow as do the problems for those trying to keep up this clown show. July 9 was the last week recorded in this report and this is the breakdown. Out of the 1,072,353 unvaccinated people, only three were hospitalized with covid. Out of 771,874 people who had both shots and both boosters, 166 were hospitalized with covid. The average rate per million this week for a person who had any vaccine was 105.73 while the rate per million for an unvaccinated person was 2.8. This means any person having any vaccine was at least 37 times more likely to be hospitalized than having none at all. This number matches the seven week average. For more data, check out the sources below. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Chair Sources: (breakdown of the data released) (Video Source covering the data of Joe Smalley) (Government Data) (the numbers)

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