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New York City - The Antithesis of Liberty

Effective December 27th, all private businesses in New York City will be under a vaccine mandate. Keep in mind that all three federal vaccine mandates, including OSHA's rule for private businesses, have been halted thanks to judges issuing injunctions. New York City and Mayor Bill de Blasio obviously does not care about the law, they have decided to subvert the law yet again and push ahead with their plan to strip their residents of bodily autonomy. They are graciously allowing an opt-out through weekly testing at the cost of the employee.

Additionally, as of December 14th, children ages 5-11 will no longer be allowed to participate is ultra dangerous activities such as eating in a restaurant, watching a movie in a theater, or going to an arcade if they do not show their vaccine passport. They must have one shot by December 14th. Children 12 and older must have proof of both doses by December 27th (unless they received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

These children are not only being used as guinea pigs, but children as young as 5 are now being conditioned to become accustomed to having to show their "papers" whenever any authority figure such as a restaurant hostess or theater usher asks for them. May the Lord forgive us for what is being done to the innocent children of our beloved nation.

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