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Prime Minister Trudeau and his Dictatorship Ends Emergency Act After 10 Days of Tyranny

While it is great that the overreaching Emergency Act has ended, the simple truth is that it should have never been enacted, to begin with. There was never an emergency and everyone knows that. The Canadian Trucker Convoy and weeks of protests that followed were completely and fully peaceful. The protests included singing, dancing, praying, speeches, singing the Canadian National Anthem, children playing in bouncy houses, cleaning the streets, shoveling snow, and donating food to the local homeless. Chants of end the mandates, Canada, and hold the line could be heard in every Providence. The main protest consisted of trucks parking and people protesting in the Capital City of Ottawa. Later, highways going into the US were blocked in protest but all of these remained completely peaceful and once the cops came in, it was broken up.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government constantly lied, claiming the protesters were racists, sexists Nazis who were violent, assaulting media, and guilty of numerous made-up charges. Despite multiple calls for Trudeau and his administration to meet with leaders of the protest, the Prime Minister refused. When BLM protests came to Ottawa Trudeau wasted no time going down and meeting with them, even taking a knee. Unlike the Trucker Protests, the BLM protests were actually violent. With Trudeau refusing to meet to discuss the demands of the protests and instead choosing to continually demonize them as “people with unacceptable views”, there was a peaceful standoff. The protesters continued to stay in the Capital and hold the line and the cops for the most part just watched on. That is when Trudeau compounded his initial mistakes of pushing new vaccine mandates and cowering when the convoy came to Ottawa by illegally installing the Emergency Act. The Act which was passed into law in the 80s had never been invoked by anyone and yet this Dictator claimed it was necessary. The Emergency Act is only supposed to be used in cases where something is seriously endangering the lives, health, or safety of Canadians or is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity of the authority of a province to deal with it. As The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, Direct Jay Cameron said “Peaceful protesters who feed the homeless, shovel snow, pick up garbage, dance in the streets, play street hockey, wave Canadian flags, sing the national anthem, and set up bouncy castles for children do not” meet these standards. The premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec made it clear their police could handle the protests, taking away the second reason. Despite all this, Trudeau launched the Act and immediately went on an assault on Canadian's rights and freedoms guaranteed by their charter.

They unlawfully started freezing people's accounts for daring to donate even as little as $20 to the Truckers in support. At last count, they had frozen almost 80 bank accounts for more than 3 million dollars. They pushed out the Ottawa police chief and replaced him with a tyrant, Steve Bell, who was all too happy to beat the protesters into submission. Armed with the illegal Emergency Act, Bell handed out letters to the peaceful protesters demanding they go home or be arrested and quickly followed up on his threats. Swarms of armed police, some from Ottawa, some from other places outside of the Capital made their way in and started to push, elbow, kick, and beat protesters. They smashed truck windows, arrested protesters at gunpoint, and used horses to trample the crowd. Text messages from some of the officers have come out since then saying things like “time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground”. Others were caught sharing the video of the horses trampling protesters and responded with “wow”, “that's awesome”, “we only think we're living the dream”, “that's what we need to do”, “just watched that horse video – that is awesome”, and “we should practice that maneuver”. Those disgusting comments came from officers all too willing to enforce the “law” in Trudeau's new dictatorship. By the end of the weekend, the Ottawa Protests had been broken up by force and violence despite the protesters themselves never engaging in any kind of violence.

That still wasn't enough. The new regime was going to make the most out of this. Ottawa Police Chief Bell held a conference and warned “If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely. This investigation will go on for months to come.” Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (to the left) publicly laughed during a press conference as she was asked about freezing Canadian's bank accounts. She said, "The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen."Even though they had cleared all the trucks and pushed the protesters out of the capital, the Trudeau led liberal party used the threat of a no-confidence vote to pressure the New Democrat Party into voting with them in the House of Commons to pass the Emergency Act. Meaning, they would get 30 days to continue to push their power grab unless the Senate voted to block it or the administration decided to revoke it.

Everyone knew that the continuation of the Act was illegal. Most thought it never should have been put in place to start with but even some who supported it said the “threat” was no longer there. Pressure began to mount on Trudeau. Even Iran came out and spoke about their human rights abuses. All Western countries, including the Biden Administration, were silent as can be. There were some die-hard liberal supporters, still. The same people who had tried to paint Canadians as racists and Nazis. One such liberal MP is Ya'ara Saks (pictured above) who with a straight face claimed “Honk, Honk is an acronym for Hail Hitler”. One, she has no idea what an acronym is. Two, this is the same divisive outright misinformation that the party of Trudeau has been spewing during the entire pandemic.

Maybe Trudeau couldn't stand up to the pressure, knew the Senate had requested documentation that the liberals couldn't provide, or even realized that he couldn't continue to use the Act anymore but on Wednesday he held a press conference revoking the act. He spent the entire speech continuing to lie about the protest, protesters, and the reason he invoked the Act. He falsely claimed “people were being harassed...there was evidence of individuals wanting to undermine and even harm Canada's democracy....that provincial and local authorities needed more tools...these measures had to be and were compliant with the Charter” He also claimed that a post-Emergency Act investigation could “look at the funding, influence, and disinformation that supported the illegal blockades and occupations both foreign and domestic.” Trudeau said “we are confident that existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe...Going forward it will be important that we gain a fuller understanding of what gave rise to this kind of disregard for law and threats to our democracy.” The Prime Minister ended his statement by saying “Canadians have been through a lot and we have a lot of challenges ahead of us. Let's remember, that we are fighting a virus, not each other. Let's work together. After two difficult and painful years, we have a lot of healing to do. Now, is the time to be there for one another.”

The speech came off slimy and sickening as it reads on paper. He looked to be fighting back a smile as he spun his web of deceit. There was not a sincere bone in his body. The laws and bylaws were always enough if properly enforced. The Emergency Act should have never been used. Don't praise Trudeau for removing something that was never legal, to begin with. As for what gave rise to protests, that is a simple answer. After two years of increasingly restrictive and illegal mandates, people had enough. The mandate making it impossible for unvaccinated truckers to work after they had worked during the entire pandemic was a step too far. They stood up and it not only inspired other truckers but Canadians of all walks of life. Its reach has been felt worldwide. We now see a convoy trucking across America. His fake words about not fighting each other, working together, healing, and being there for one another ring hollow as can be. This is coming from a dictator who said people he disagrees with are racist Nazis who have unacceptable views, ordered that the protesters and anyone who supported them be illegally beaten, arrested, trampled, have their accounts frozen, and have their personal and professional lives turned upside down. All the lies in the world won't help restore the views people have on Trudeau. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair Sources:

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