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Shocking Discovery: VAERS System Shows More Military Deaths Caused From Vaccines Than From Covid

As crazy as that headline may sound to some, the stats don't lie. In fact, it is well known that VAERS reports can go underreported by a factor between 3 and 10 times the number shown. VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It is set up and co-managed by the CDC and FDA as a national early warning system to detect possible safety issues that arise from US licensed vaccines. Anyone can report to VAERS however healthcare professionals have to report certain adverse events and vaccine manufacturers must report all adverse events. With that being said, most civilians don't even know that VAERS exists and healthcare professionals have been motivated not to report as much as they should because the process takes 30 minutes to file one report and many are told not to by their bosses for a variety of reasons. It is for these reasons most people believe the actual numbers are likely 500% higher then what is reported. Even with the numbers no doubt being underreported to some degree, there was a shocking discovery announced in a Florida Federal Court on March 10. Mat Staver, an attorney for Liberty Council was defending a preliminary injunction from a military shot mandate that had been previously granted for two plaintiffs by Judge Steven Merryday. This was for the Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin case. In court, Staver presented new Data that had been discovered by Doctor Jessica Rose, a biologist and mathematician. Dr. Rose is one of the most published authors of VAERS information in the world and her findings came from the Military VAERS data. She found that in 2021 alone there were 127 reported vaccine related deaths from active duty service members.

In comparison, throughout the entire pandemic, there have been 94 military deaths reported to be as a result of Covid. This means there are 33 more deaths from the vaccine than from covid among active military members. That is absolutely outrageous. When you factor in that VAERS deaths are underreported and a significant portion of covid deaths have been consistently found to be falsely attributed to the infection, the numbers are likely much worse than this. Even if they were accurate, the so-called treatment for an infection should never kill more people than the infection itself. This as usual only accounts for short term damage done by the jab and no one knows how much long term damage they will do. Not only does this raise major red flags but when you look back at vaccine related deaths before the covid vaccines the numbers are equally as alarming. The covid jab wasn't even available until the last two weeks of 2020, meaning most people didn't get their first shot and no one got more than one shot until 2021. In 2020, all vaccines other than the covid vaccine were reportedly responsible for 6 deaths. That number skyrocketed to 127 deaths in 2021, which is a 2,117% increase from the year prior. This wasn't just a mirage as the average VAERS military death total from 2016-2020 was 9. So in 2021, the first year that the covid vaccine was available, the death total rose 1,411% over the previous five year average.

Deaths were not the only data that stood out from Dr. Rose's findings. She also discovered that in 2021, there were 561 military hospitalizations as a result of vaccines. That is compared to only 30 in 2020 when there were no covid vaccines. That is a 1,870% increase in hospitalizations in 2021. The five year average for vaccine hospitalizations was 58. That means that in 2021, the number of hospitalizations rose 967% over the previous five year average. These increases also fall in line with the numbers we wrote about that were reported by Military Doctor Whistleblowers who leaked DOD data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) before the so called “glitch” that was “corrected” and only changed symptoms caused by the vaccines and only in the five years prior which had been pulled from. Everything else was magically unaffected by the “glitch”.

At the end of the day, this is just one more example that shows something very serious is going on when it comes to the side effects caused by these covid vaccines. At the bare minimum there was not enough research done prior to their EUA approval, there is definitely no informed consent given to the public, they should immediately pull them out of circulation, and there needs to be wide spread real investigations into how this was allowed to happen. The fact that these things were ever pushed on the public the way they were or that anyone had their job or livelihoods threatened or disrupted as a result of refusing to take them for any reason is 100% criminal and all involved need to be held accountable. Written By Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair


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