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Texas Senator Ted Cruz Stands with People's Convoy Against Illegal Mandates and Government Overreach

Even though I am under no delusions about who and what Texas Senator Ted Cruz is, he is saying all the right things when it comes to this issue. To be clear, Senator Cruz is an ultimate opportunist who has his sights set on the Whitehouse in 2024 and beyond. He made as much abundantly clear when he falsely labeled January 6 Protest as a “terrorist attack” and literally handed the democrats 2024 propaganda commercials to try and attack Trump. It was a calculated effort to falsely link Trump to the people that went into the Capital when there isn't one. He has since attempted to walk it back after getting called out but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand his original motives. That being said, when it comes to the People's Convoy and taking a stance against the Emergency Powers Act and Covid Mandates, Cruz is saying and doing the right things.

On Tuesday, March 8, Senator Cruz and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson met with representatives from The People's Convoy at the capital to learn more about what the group was about and what goals they hoped to achieve by protesting. This is the trucker-led group that started on February 23 in California and has traveled all the way to DC. Senator Cruz followed this up by taking a trip to the Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland where he met with and gave a short speech with members of the Convoy on Thursday, March 10. Cruz spoke to the crowd before they were scheduled to leave for the planned convoy around the beltway. During the speech, Cruz said “Let me just say to each of you, thank you for being here. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for giving your voice. You are standing up for truckers across the country but you are standing up for every woman, every man, every child in America. You're standing up for freedom. This didn't needed to be that complicated a proposition. It ought to be your choice what you put in your body. It ought to be your choice what healthcare decisions you make. And it damn sure ought to be your choice what healthcare is done to your kids. Now look, we've all got our rights. If you chose to get the covid vaccine that is your choice, fantastic. But if you make the choice not to, that's your choice also! And it shouldn't be a bunch of petty government tyrants who are trying to force you to make a personal healthcare decision. You know, two years ago when this pandemic started, you had lots of politicians who would give speeches about heroes when these idiot politicians shut down schools and businesses all across the Country. You heard those same politicians talk about the hero truck drivers that made our supply chain move, that put food on the shelves, and made sure people had what they need for day-to-day life. Now, suddenly those same heroes that they were praising, they're trying to get fired. We heard about first responders. These politicians are trying to fire cops and firefighters who dare make the decision for their own healthcare. Doctors and many poetic speeches did we hear about the heroes of the front line until these idiots say sorry, if you don't comply, you're fired. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and is fundamentally wrong. I'll tell you I've talked to Navy Seals who spent a decade or more defending our Nation, who've gone through incredible training to risk their lives to keep us safe, and now these idiots are saying you're fired if you don't comply. It is fundamentally wrong.”

Cruz went on to say “The eyes of the world were transfixed on Canada. Canadian truckers were standing up for Canadian freedom but they were standing up for Americans as well. This convoy is carrying on that same spirit and let me take a minute to speak to the folks in the media who want to portray you guys as a bunch of violent criminals. That is utter and complete garbage. The men and women here are exercising your first amendment right to free speech and peaceful protest. Something the left doesn't seem to understand is if you engage in violence, you go to jail. But if you don't engage in violence you got a right to do that whether I agree with what you're saying or not, you got a first amendment right to speak out and say what you believe. In this case, what you're speaking out for is the freedom of people all across this Country. So I am proud to stand with you. I am proud to stand alongside you as we fight for freedom. People are waking up all across this country and there is a very simple message...I am going to put it really simply for the reporters who are not all that bright and not all that honest. What the men and women here want is for the Government to leave them the hell alone and that is the most American sentiment you could imagine. It is your life. It is your healthcare. It is your speech. It is your freedom and you have the right to make the choices for your own family. The Constitution protects it and we will stand and fight and demand it. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.”

Following the speech, Senator Cruz joined the Convoy for the day and rode shotgun in the lead truck. Not only did he join it as they did their regularly scheduled lap around the DC beltway but the lead truck went into Washington and stopped in front of the Capital where Cruz held a press conference with the media. This was the first real attention that the Convoy had gotten Nationally as the fake news has done its best to bury it and keep everyone distracted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Cruz rolled into town in the big rig and was surrounded by cameras and media as he stepped down off the truck. He made his way over to a podium and said “I spent the morning with The People's Convoy which started in Hagerstown, MD, and spoke to the group there. They came from all over the Country. They started in California and came across the Country. They came standing up and speaking for freedom..for the right each of us has to make our own healthcare decisions about our own bodies. To decide what you put into your body and what you don't put into your body. That's a fundamental right. It was amazing as we drove in the convoy all along the road you saw men and women gathered, waving American flags, honking to show support. As we drove under underpasses one after another, virtually every underpass we drove under had a crowd gathered waving flags, saying thank you to the truckers. Let me tell you, these truckers are speaking out for the rights of every American. They're speaking out for the three and a half million truckers across the United States. But it's not just truckers. They're speaking out for cops and firefighters, soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines, doctors and nurses and teachers. They're speaking out for pilots and flight attendants. All the people who have been ordered unjustly and illegally to take the covid vaccine or be fired. Government has no right to do that...It's fundamentally wrong and I think all across this country, people know that it's wrong and so I am proud to listen to these guys, to hear their passion, to hear why they're fighting, and I am proud to stand with them.

From there, Senator Cruz took questions from the media. You can watch the full press conference to hear all of the answers but here are a few of his more important answers. Cruz was asked how the movement goes forward at a congressional level and he said “Two weeks ago we forced a vote in the Senate and we forced two end all the Biden vaccine mandates. It would end the mandates for active-duty military, federal civilian employees, federal contractors, and end the private-sector mandates...I had a separate amendment that would cut off all federal funds to any government entity that imposes a mandate on kids. If anything is worse than forcing adults to take this vaccine against their wishes, it's forcing kids to do so. Kids as young as five years old are being forced to take this vaccine and that's not right. It ought to be up to the parents to make the decision about healthcare for their own kids. We forced both of those votes two weeks ago and I am sorry to say the Democrats didn't have the votes and if republicans had shown up, we would have won. Four Republican Senators were nowhere to be found and didn't vote.”

Those four Senators he was referring to were Mitt Romney of Utah, Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. These snakes in the grass need to be held accountable for intentionally allowing the mandates to continue.

Senator Cruz was also asked what he planned to do to help the group's demands to investigate the origins of the pandemic and he said the virus, the evidence is overwhelming I think escaped from a Chinese government lab in Wuhan, China. That evidence was compelling over a year ago and for a year, the corporate media silenced that. We now have email exchanges with Dr. Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg where Big Tech agreed to suppress evidence that the virus came from a Chinese government lab and they were more than happy to silence the citizenry. He said if Congress was doing its job we would have hearings.

Another reporter asked Senator Cruz what he thought about ending mask mandates on airplanes and he said he is for ending mask mandates across the board. He claimed he has already introduced legislation to end mask mandates across the board. He said “We should have no mask mandates. We should have no vaccine mandates. We should have no vaccine passports. It's insane that the left and the corporate media will tell you it is wrong to have an id to vote but at the same time, they say show me your papers to buy a cheeseburger. That's idiotic. It is none of their damn business. These mask mandates on planes are absurd. Right now the rule is you got to wear a mask unless you have a drink. A diet coke magically cures covid, apparently. You have a peanut in your hand, no danger. Put the peanut down, Oh My God you're gonna kill everyone!!! You walk into a restaurant where they have vaccine mandates, if you are walking you have to wear a mask. As soon as you sit down, no mask. I've wondered is there a scientific basis, maybe it's altitude. The virus as six feet high is deadly and at three feet high it's perfectly safe.” There were plenty more questions and answers during the press conference but this did serve to finally get some attention for The People's Convoy. Say what you will about Cruz and his future ambitions or how much he can be trusted on certain issues but he said and did all the right things on this issue and should be acknowledged for the stance he has taken. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair Sources: (Cruz at Hagerstown speedway) (Cruz press conference with Convoy in DC)

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