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Texas Workforce Commission reminds Texans that employer mandated COVID-19 vaccines are illegal

On December 8th, Texas Workforce Commission released a statement reminding employers and employees that employer mandated COVID-19 vaccines are illegal under Executive Order GA-40 and provides for objections based on personal conscience, religious belief, or medical reasons, INCLUDING prior recovery from COVID-19.

Texas Workforce Commission goes on to say "The federal government has sown confusion among employers and employees by issues a series of COVID-19 vaccine mandates of dubious legality. But the law in Texas is clear on this point: An employer cannot impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on an employee who qualifies for an exemption for religious, personal, or medical reasons"

The statement goes on to say employees who are terminated for failure to receive the COVID-19 vaccine are likely to qualify for unemployment benefits.

TWC also invites any employee in Texas subjected to a vaccine mandate to notify them at 800-939-6631 or

If you have a sincerely held religious objection to this vaccine - please check our Religious Exemption tab for guidance on writing your own exemption.

Abilene Freedom League is thankful for this effort by TWC and Governor Abbott. However, we would really like to see a special session called so that this can be voted on by our legislature and passed as a permanent law.

To see TWC's full letter, click here:

To read Governor Abbott's statement on TWC's letter, click here:

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