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The People's Convoy Went to the Capital to Meet with Senators Johnson and Cruz

On Tuesday March 8 a group of representatives for The People's Convoy were invited to the Capital to explain who they are and why they made the trip across the Country. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Texas Senator Ted Cruz met with them. This turned out to be a very important and equally moving moment for the Senators and live feed watchers. After the handshakes and quick introductions were finished they kicked the legacy media out of the room and got right down to it. Senator Johnson said he wanted to hear more about what the group was fighting for and that he was here to listen. Senator Cruz added that no one should have be forced by a mandate to get a vaccine. Saying if you want to get one, great. If you don't want to get one, great. It is fundamentally wrong to dictate what someone should do when it comes to their own personal medical decisions. Check out the video here of the senators meeting with the People's Convoy.

The video above shows the meeting but here is some of the highlights. The representatives got a chance to speak one by one, starting with the Chairman of The American Foundation for Civil Liberties & Freedom, Chris Marsten. He explained “This was an incredibly peaceful movement that took off without incident and was a merger with several convoys into The People's Convoy. This convoy is called The People's Convoy because it's for the people. What's important at this stage of the discussion is to understand why we're here. We are here because of the coordinated abuse of the emergency powers. The emergency powers were never meant to be used in the way that were used. It was never contemplated that something that was to be used for a couple of days for a hurricane or and earthquake would be weaponized against the American people. It has been weaponized in such a manner that people that were not designed to every have that type of power like State and Local officials and the federal government could trample the Constitution and make and make courts unable to enforce Constitutional rights. That's a big part of why we're here. Governor's were using emergency powers like Governor Newsom to award no-bid contracts to his cronies and divert tax revenue to friends. They did it to medal in elections by changing to mail-in ballots. They did it to force people to wear masks maybe a year or more after the science disproved its efficacy. They did it to affect people's ability to worship in this Country while they kept the liquor stores open. So you could get wasted but you can't worship. This was the most massive transfer of wealth from the little guy to big multinational corporations by shutting down small businesses, the heart of American enterprise in favor of the Amazons of the world and the Best-Buys and the Walmarts. Just a travesty. Even worse was the deaths from the vaccines and the deaths of people's livelihoods because that's death too. The heart of American is the working man and woman and this is what The People's Convoy is about. It represents the heart of America and they lost their jobs because they didn't want to get vaccinated, had pre-existing medical conditions, their doctor just plain old recommended that they shouldn't. And because of that, they shouldn't. They had government officials forcing medical decisions above and beyond a doctor's recommendation, which is awful. We've turned our back on the Nuremberg code as if it didn't matter. I was raised Jewish and my mom's Jewish and we don't forget what the Nuremberg code is about. We need to consider making that law. The courts were handcuffed. Ultimately, they were handcuffed because you go to court to enforce your Constitutional rights and the courts say their hands are tied because of emergency powers. Would you believe that the courts can't enforce American's Constitutional rights for two years? It's unfathomable....This isn't just about ending the mandate. Ending them was just the beginning. Obviously, covid was magically declared over like a magical unicorn.

Senator Cruz interjected saying that “Covid “ended” right as the polls turned South. It's amazing how sensitive the science is to political polling. Marsten agreed and said that before turning the floor over to the truckers “We're here for accountability. When the dust settles, we have to go back and do a review and figure out how on earth we got here. How on earth did the emergency powers get abused and how do we stop that from ever happening again? American's feel like they've been living in a third world Country. The immigrants who built this Country themselves feel like they moved clear across the world to escape dictators and tyrants and ended up feeling like it's right here on our doorstep. They saw Trudeau use emergency powers against his citizens and it shouldn't be lost us that it could happen here.”

From there it was tossed to Freedom Convoy, trucker, and co-organizer Brian Brase. He said “I'm not going to go into my personal story necessarily. I'll just tell you a little about The People's Convoy. I'm not the leader as many try to put me there. I am a co-organizer. This is really the People's Convoy. There is at least a hundred people that I work closely with in organizing and putting this together...As we rolled across the Country from Adelanto, California to here, which we have a convoy circling DC right now. We have over 1,000 vehicles with more coming in. This isn't just a truck convoy; we have folks that are here in RV's and motorcycles. We got folks in cars. They're sleeping in their cars and tents outside of their cars. I saw a guy last night sleeping on his motorcycle with a tarp up over him because of the rain. It's truly the people's convoy. It's not a trucker's convoy even though the truckers might have been the one to lead the charge and step up initially. We aren't doing it for ourselves. We are doing it for our families, for our communities, and for the people of the United States. And truthfully, we're doing it for people around the world. Not only is this a violation of our Constitutional right, it is a violation of our God given right. You should never be mandated to put such a thing in your body. I'm not a scientist. I'm not a doctor. I'm not the one to tell you if it is good or not. But I do know as a person who served in the army, as a person who cares deeply about my Country, my community, my fellow drivers, and my fellow Americans that this is wrong. I can see that without having to worry about the science. The People's Convoy has come together and created a community. We are a massive community and I would encourage any Senator, Congressman or woman, Governor, Mayor, City Councilman, school board members to come out and see what this community is. As we came across the Country we've had millions of people line the highways and stand on overpasses and freeways. We've had attorney generals across the Country wanting to meet us on these bridge rallies that they had....I don't think I've ever in my lifetime and according to mother even in her lifetime has she ever seen such a movement like this convoy. This isn't a right issue or a left issue. This is an American issue. It's time that we put the divide to the side, everybody can go back to hating each other when we get on the other side of this...Something I said as we traveled across this Country is that it is time to remind the United States government that they work for us.” After a brief discussion, Paul Alexander, Ph.D., and chief scientific officer of The Unity Project weighed in. He said “Here is the key issue. You talked Senator Johnson about Americans unifying. At the beginning of this, we know Omicron is the lowest risk variant. It presents the Government with an off ramp strategy. We know that the vaccine does not stop transmission. But here is the key. For two years now, it was the trucker who faced the initial strain. The most viral strain. When the government told everyone to lock down and to remote work it was the trucker who kept the supply chains going and kept the Country on its feet. It was the trucker who faced this virus for two years. Now with the lowest strength variant we are telling the trucker with the exit strategy we have that you can not apply your trade. It actually makes no sense. It's upside down.” The Senators jumped in and added the grocery clerk, the nurses, the doctors, and the first responders. They said we spent a year with politicians giving all this rhetoric about heroes and they turn right around and say let's fire the heroes because they won't get vaccinated. Next, Pierre Kory, MD, who is the president and chief medical officer of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance added “I'm honored to be part of The People's Convoy and support them because we need a voice. We're being ignored. When you look at those emergency powers and the mandates, there are a lot of secondary ones that ripple through society. I feel the impact on society of this extended emergency. It seems like society has gone mad. If you look at my specialty, I'm a physician. I mean, we were restricted from practicing medicine the way we always have, making decisions based on our experience, our expertise, and reading of the literature. We were told what medicines to use. We were told what medicines not to use. There is actually corruption around that. We were using ineffective medicines and not able to use the good ones. And then to talk about things. Open and honest scientific debate there is all these social media channels and press and you can't discuss certain medicines. It's not just those mandates. We're really sick as a society here. I wish you guys would come to Hagerstown. You got to see the people showing up. The way they talk. It is incredibly moving. People are really hurt but they are coming together and there is that community. They are coming from all sides of the aisle. It is not about politics down there. It is about real core things like freedom and going back to normal life. I mean he [Biden] just extended the emergency powers act now. Where is the emergency...You know it isn't just a couple of doctors. We have over 20,000 doctors and scientists that have signed on to declarations calling out the illegitimacy and lack of logic of a lot of these mandates. Bryan said he doesn't need the science to show the injustice of these mandates but there is a lot of science that shows the injustice.”

After that the next trucker to speak was Jerry Stetz. He said “I came here from Poland in 1995...I came here on Christmas day in 95. Now, I drive truck for 27 years and now it is like deja vu. I escape from a Country to get the freedom and now I in a Country where we need to get the freedom back.” His English wasn't great and he had just a few words to say but the message was that he fled to the US to get away from Communism and we are in real danger of going down the exact same roads.

Following Jerry was Allen Kelly who said “I am a 28 year section truck driver. My wife and I are a team. I have a one year old grandson and an eight year old grandson and I'm here so that they have more freedoms and a better life than I had. I've had a great life and I've had lots of freedoms and experiences and I want them to have the same thing. My kids are old enough to have their own kids. Some of their friends are school teachers and they've lost their jobs. We come from a small town in Pennsylvania not far from here. I'm here for the mother that we saw on the way that hasn't talked to her daughter for six months because she isn't vaccinated and her kids won't talk to her. We've had a movement like no other President, Senator, or Governor coming across this Country. There hasn't been but a handful of bridges that we have seen somebody up there. When you are driving under the overpasses and you look up and see these people's faces by the millions. I don't think any politician has had what we just had and it speaks volumes. We've already one because we've opened their hearts and once they're open, they can't be closed....I have the list. I know the 47 people that voted to keep the emergency powers act. I know the ones that didn't vote and I know the ones that did vote. We're going to hold them accountable. We're going to hold people accountable that don't listen to us. That includes the ones that voted to end this. If they don't continue to fight for us we're paying attention. We know who's who. We need to take back our school boards, councilmen, and mayors. It all starts there....The ones that fight for us, we're going to get them to stay, the ones that don't we're going to get them out.”

Up next was a young black kid dressed in his best black cowboy hat, named Jauneil Brooks. Brian Brase stood up before that and said “During the convoy there have been all kinds of people that came up to us and told us about their life and how they have been affected. One man gave me an American flag that he carried in his rucksack all throughout his Afghanistan deployment. He believed that it kept him alive and safe. He told me to put this in my pocket and bring it to DC. Now I completed that mission. I brought it here for him. This young man here, 18 years old. Only planned on being with us for one city. From Adelanto to our next stop. He has stuck with us this entire time. He flies out tonight. It is emotional when we see guys like him leave us but we know that they are still supporting us. I did my mission. I want publicly for the man that gave me this, to give to this man to carry with you for the rest of your life. For being a part of this People's Convoy and remember why you stood up.”

Jauneil got a big round of applause from the rest of the Convoy and the Senators before he continued to give his emotional story. He started by telling the Senators he needed to show them a picture. He held up his phone and showed it as he spoke. He said “This is me in middle school at a March for our Lives against the NRA. This wasn't me thinking freely. This was the school system. I'm from California and if you guys have ever road horses or anything. I feel like a horse that was stuck in the stall being let out to the pasture as we travel the Country. I've been in a 'horse stall in California' and I didn't get to go to the pasture till I got to Arizona. It's sickening and I want to cry. I haven't cried since my daddy's funeral about six years ago.” He did his best not to lose it as he held up his dad's dog tags and then kept speaking. He said “My daddy served for these colors” and then he picked up a pocket Constitution and tossed it on across the table as he said “This Constitution, I might as well throw it over there now cause I can't go to Los Angeles and study photography without getting kicked out because I am not vaccinated. I didn't have a problem. I graduated early. Homecoming games, I don't know what that feels like. My mom, she went to school boards and fought for us. I guess that is why I'm here. I think that is why I am able to stand up to corrupt politicians that's taking away our freedoms. You know, I grew up watching this place on TV and I never thought I would be sitting here fighting for my own freedom. I have a beautiful niece. She turns two this year. I just want to make sure when I have my dream ranch that she can come to me and I have the rights and freedoms to protect her without having the government be involved and feel like I shouldn't be able to defend myself. I can't get a gun till I'm 21 and live alone in California...Another thing is I've been canceled out my own skin color. I've been canceled out by people who don't know me. They just see the way I am dressed and call me Uncle Tom or Coon...The media has this all flipped. Seeing it first hand, as an American Patriot. Somebody who has scars on his hands from working tractors and barns to make sure people have food on the table. But people see this and they think it is full of white supremacist. Because of my color and where I'm from, I am breaking all these stereotypes. People need to hear the story. This is not racist. I've been treated with nothing but love. My life has forever changed because of the convoy. I will go back home feeling like a horse locked up in his pen again”.

Trying to follow that was an older Trucker named Ron Coleman. He said “I am from Reno, Nevada. I own a small trucking company...or at least I will till next week, maybe. Who knows how far that goes? My daughter said to me before I left 'Dad, you can't afford to do this with everything that has happened over the last two year'. I looked at her and said I can't afford not to do this. This has been an emotional roller coaster that you can not imagine. I can't even put words to it. In reality it comes down to little things very much like this. This note, wrapped around a cookie. It says 'Deer Trucker, I admire your courage and your determination in doing this. I will support you in prayer for a victory over the sad oppression that is going on. Thank you for fighting for all of us. A mother of three, God bless you.' I have a box full of these letters. I have four year old girls coming up and hugging me and handing me crayon notes saying we love you and thank you for fighting for our future freedoms. I tell them that I am just like the pony express of days gone by. I will collect your tears and your messages and I will collect your heart and I'll take it with me to Washington DC and I will deliver it. That mission is partially complete for me personally. I tell them that truckers are the tip of the spear and the body of the spear is the people...These people are waking up and when they wake up, they will not go back to sleep.”

The final representative was a fellow West Texan native named Lisa Huntoon. She said “I am from Midland. I own a hotshot trucking company in the oilfields. I'm keeping my guys working and I brought about twenty people from Texas with me....Everybody is here for the same reason. For our freedoms. For our children's freedoms. For the generations to come, their freedoms too. Texas is a wonderful State. I think it is harder for Texas because we stood up for our freedoms a lot sooner than a lot of other States. It's been overpass after overpass of people. I mean I've only seen about 15 overpasses all the way from Texas to here that didn't have people on it. We are the majority. We may have been silent but we're not silent anymore. And people as you make eye contact with them are just like thank you. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for watching out for our children. They just say thank you. They're so grateful. That's what we are all here for. We're here to stand for everybody's freedoms. Whatever side of the table you stand on, it's for your freedom too. Whether you agree or disagree it's ok. That's what makes this country beautiful. That's what we stand for is this Constitution together.” The video goes on for almost another hour as they brought in the mainstream media who asked a bunch of dumb questions but the part worth watching is the initial meeting before they let the press in. It is very powerful and if you don't feel anything watching it, you might want to get your pulse checked. Since this happened on Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz did make his way to Hagerstown to meet with truckers, road in the passengers seat of a big rig at the front of the convoy and gave a press conference when they got back to Washington DC. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair Sources: 1080p Senators Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz meet with 'The People's Convoy' (

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