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Unbelievably Inspiring Interview with Trucker before The People's Convoy Takes Off for DC

The People's Convoy is the largest Freedom Trucker Convoy in a long list of groups inspired by what happened in Canada over the last couple of weeks. This convoy began staging on Tuesday with plans to leave California on Wednesday, February 23. A reporter from LiveFeed was walking around the staging area looking to speak with some of the truckers who planned to participate and they found a great one to start with. The interviewer (I believe Vera Sauchanka) did a great job but the responses by Ron Coleman were some of the most well spoken, patriotic, common sense, inspiring things I have heard in a long time. Rather than speculate I am just going to translate the best of the Q and A but you should check the full video (provided above) out for yourself. It is definitely worth the 15 minutes.

Coleman started off by explaining why the truckers are doing this and he said “This is a fight to start waking up other Americans up to our human rights and constitutional freedoms. I believe in that message. I believe that people need to understand that we are a nation of laws and laws are created through legislation practices, not through mandates. There is one specific order, the Emergency Powers Act, that gives them the ability to hold over people their hand-written mandates that are not law. That's not going to fly anymore. We're waking up to that. We want Americans to wake up to that. And we want the world to wake up to that. We want people to know that it's not ok for any one man to try and remove what was given to me by the great God above. And that's exactly why we're fighting. Give us back our human rights. Give us back our freedoms. Obey our Constitution. That's why I'm in this.

When asked what the plan is once they arrive in DC he astutely said “That's fluid. That's gonna be changing as we see how predicaments or other things move. We saw what happened to our brothers and sisters in Canada and we're going to play it by ear. We know what our goals are. We know that this isn't just about mandates. This isn't just about truckers. This is about every human being on the face of this planet. That's why we're fighting.”

Ron was then asked if he was afraid to join a movement like this after what happened over the weekend. He boldly exclaimed “I'm not afraid. If my brethren tries to come after me, shame on them. I have the Constitution of the United States of America on my side. I have the Declaration of Independence on my side. We will wake many Americans up on our way to DC and have them on our side. We will bring them all to DC and let their voices be heard as well.”

He talked about how it affected him personally and he said “After seeing two years of this, what was supposed to be temporary and I learned long ago when the government has something temporary, it becomes permanent. That's what they're looking to achieve. They're looking to achieve control. Masks...control. Vaccine mandates...control. No. As you know, the Nuremberg code says you need my consent. So, don't tell me what you're gonna put in my body. You let me decide...I will not have a government that tries to run me when they run at the consent of the governed. That's why we're here.”

When asked if he thinks Americans, in general, understand what is going on he said “I put a lot of blame on media. They do not properly communicate to the masses, the truth. Anyone, with a little bit of research capability, can go out and read the sites, the data, and see the truth. But the media does not allow it to be given. So we're censored. We're considered conspiracy theorists. They can spew that all out but in reality, we're just awake. We know what the engine is bringing. We know what news is being portrayed. Just like we are being portrayed as terrorists in this movement. We're red-blooded Americans. You know, I was in the air force. I raised my hand and took an oath. It didn't have an expiration date. I said I would defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and that is what I will continue to do until I'm not breathing anymore.”

The last thing he was asked was if you have a message for all the people who will watch tomorrow and he said “Civil disobedience. Live your life. Do not let one man or one woman tell you how to live your life when God gave your breath, God gave you sight and sound. Don't let them take it away.” Written by Chris Turner

Online Content Committee Chair

Sources: (Full interview with Ron Coleman)

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