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UPDATE: Day 1 of The People's Convoy was a Rolling Success!

People who have been following what the Truckers did in Canada and saw random Facebook posts about American Truckers doing their own version of a convoy thought this might be a good turnout but truckers and spectators for the initial sendoff and first leg of the eleven-day trip across the Nations were humbled by how well the first day went. The Truckers and others who planned to ride in the convoy started staging yesterday at Adelanto Stadium in California. By the morning there were more than 300 trucks with more coming in by the minute. It wasn't just truckers that were showing up. Men, women, children of every race and background were showing up to show their gratitude and wish the convoy well. They had a send-off event at around 10 AM and the parking lot was packed with American flag-waving patriots of all ages.

After that event, the trucks started to line up one after the other and slowly embark on the journey to Kingman, Arizona. The site of the convoy on the open road was even more impressive than you would think. There were reports of between 500 and 1,000 trucks in the convoy and it extending as much as 6 miles long. Keep in mind more truckers and patriots are planning to join as it goes. Police and Sheriffs were seen along the route with some paying their respects and others just making sure everything went smoothly.

As the convoy continued East down I-44 little pockets of patriots and well-wishers could be seen parked alongside the road waving flags and cheering the convoy on. There were several overpasses filled with people celebrating the cause of freedom.

The Convoy continued on without incident and came across more pockets of roadside patriots as day turned into night. There was an announcement that residents of Kingman were stepping up to support the movement. First, the Great American Pizza and Sub stepped up as a place to house and feed the truckers for the night. The place was swamped with freedom loving families. Crazy Fred’s Truck Stop and Rebel Oil, who both are from the area, announced they were bringing over 25,000 gallons of gas to donate to the convoy.

Horns continued to blare, flags continued to wave, and supporters continued to cheer as one vehicle after another reached their day one destination. The People's Convoy is now supported by Robert Kennedy Jr's Children's Health Defense TV, the Doctors of the Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance, The American Project led by General Flynn, The Unity Project, Freedom Fighter Nation, Pilots from Freedom Flyers, faith leaders from all denominations, retired military personal, and person security experts. They have been meeting with local law enforcement in the places they stop to make sure everyone stays safe. As of Wednesday at take off $464,731 had been donated to the convoy and undoubtedly that number will shoot up as they travel.

The sounds and images from day one were something to see and things are just going to get bigger and more impressive. The mainstream media will do its best to ignore the convoy and only talk about Russia and Ukraine but don't let them distract you from a message of freedom and remembering what the Constitution stands for. Can't wait for day two.

Written by Chris Turner

Online Content Committee Chair Sources:

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