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Update: The People's Convoy Heads Back to Cali to Protest Bills Attacking Medical Choice & Freedom

For those who have been following The People's Convoy since it began you know that Tuesday was their 36th day in the convoy. Over the last couple weeks they have been circling the DC Beltway, meeting with politicians, and working their way into DC to raise awareness and protest the emergency powers act and all mandates. However, yesterday news came out about ten bills which Democrats in California are looking to pass in the next two weeks that make 1984 look like a film about Freedom. With most of the world backing off of mandates and other encroachments on freedom, these out of touch politicians have decided to double and triple down. When the organizers of the convoy got word of what the bills were and how dangerous this could be they put it to the rest of the convoy and the decision was made to leave DC and head back to California to bring attention to and try and stop these bills from passing. They will be leaving Hagerstown on March 31 and heading to Los Angeles for the Defeat the Mandates Rally on April 10. The ten bills in question are so overreaching that it is hard to believe they are even real. They range in topics from making covid vaccines a requirement for kids to go to public or private schools, punishing doctors who speak up and tell the truth about covid or the vaccines, lowering the age of vaccination consent to 12, attacks on your medical information, making law enforcement enforce the illegal mandates or risk being defunded, forcing social media platforms to restrict any speech they deem to be harmful, bring civil action against “violators” of this unacceptable speech, a deeper dive into vaccination passports, and ordering all employers to only have fully vaccinated employees and contractors working for them by the end of the year. That means if you aren't fully vaccinated then you can't work in California anymore. Here is a list of the bills and a brief explanation of what each one is aiming to do.

CB871 – Adds Covid 19 injection to list of immunizations for public/private schools regardless of FDA approval. It would also remove the ability to opt out because of personal belief exemption aka religious exemptions and rare medical exemptions. This one is especially crazy as it will make it where every child that is not home schooled will have to get the vaccine and you or your child's religious beliefs or general concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine doesn't matter.

AB2098 – Classifies anti-covid medical opinion as “unprofessional conduct”subject to discipline by the medical board. This bill says that any Doctor or Surgeon who “disseminates or promote misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.” will be considered guilty of unprofessional conduct. So basically any Doctor who dares to speak out against the covid narrative will be threatened and punished in an effort to silence dissent. This bill labels misinformation and disinformation as anything that is “contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus”. How many covid and vaccine related issues has the scientific consensus claimed to be false or a conspiracy theory that have already been proven to be true? SB866 – Lowers the age of vaccination consent to 12 years old. That means a school or facility can vaccinate your child without your consent or even your knowledge. This will be used to prey on impressionable kids and coerce them into getting the vaccine despite what the parent wants.

SB920 – Authorizes the medical board to inspect a Doctor's office and medical records without patient's consent. That means in California your medical records are not private. They can inspect them without cause or without even informing you.

SB1464 – Requires Law Enforcement to enforce public health guidelines or lose their funding. That means if any public health order illegally mandates masks, lockdowns, forced vaccinations, ect, the sheriff or police office must carry out the will of the State or be defunded. This is intended to stop Sheriffs or other officers from deciding not to enforce an Unconstitutional law. This is another way to defund the police and to force them into carrying out the orders of the State. This is not something that happens in free Countries.

SB1390 – Prohibit any person or entity from making statements the government deems untrue or misleading by any means including on the internet and ads. It requires social media companies to do the same. In something straight out of 1984, this is a blatant attack on the First Amendment. The bill says the days of social media slapping a fact check or other forms of restriction will be replaced. The bill would provide that harmful content includes libel or slander, as specified, threats of imminent violence against governmental entities, and disinformation or misinformation, including, but not limited to, false or misleading information regarding medicine or vaccinations, false or misleading information regarding elections, and conspiracy theories. Did you catch that? They want all social media companies to not only shut down your speech about vaccines, covid, elections, or anything else they deem as unacceptable speech but that all complaints are stored in a database that will be turned over to the California Attorney General. Violators of such “harmful speech” as questioning vaccines, elections, propaganda, or your government will be subject to civil action in court and civil penalties. Two plus two is five and don't you dare say otherwise!!! SB1184 – Authorizes School health personnel to disclose a child's medical information without a parent's consent to a third party. This is yet another government overreach in which it gives school “health employees” the freedom to give your child's medical information and status. It would also allow a provider of health care or a health care service plan to disclose medical information to this school-linked services coordinator. SB1479 – Requires schools to create long term testing plans and report testing results to the California Department of Public Health. Each school in every district would have to come up with a “testing plan” which means the approval of the “guidance” from the Government and then designate one person from each school who is responsible for sending the results of the tests to the State. Testing would be for teachers, staff, and pupils to help schools reopen and keep schools operating safely for in-person learning. The bill would also require the department to expand its contagious, infectious, or communicable disease testing and other public health mitigation efforts to include prekindergarten, onsite after school programs, and childcare centers. AB1797 – Creates an immunization tracking system giving all government agencies access to the vaccination records of all persons. This bill would mandate the tracking of everyone's immunizations status and whether or not you were vaccinated. It would no doubt be a way for the government to further clamp down on people who refuse to be vaccinated.

AB1993 – This bill requires proof of Covid Vaccination for all employees and independent contractors to be able to work in California. The bill illegally requires every employer in the State of California to verify that each current employee or contractor and any new employees or contractors are fully vaccinated by January 1, 2023. This is another out of control government end-around to try and force everyone to get vaccinated by illegally blocking your right to work at any job if you don't comply. This is as tyrannical as it gets. The truckers of the People's Convoy turning around and heading to California is great but honestly, this needs way more exposure than that. This needs to be out there everywhere. People need to be calling these California State politicians and demanding they vote against this. They need to be handing out information about these bills. This may just be for California at the moment but like with most things, if they can get it there, they will try it everywhere. For those interested in reading more about the bills above you can check the links in the sources to find them.

Written by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair Sources: (CB 871 bill) (AB2098 bill ) (SB920 bill) (SB1464 bill) (SB1390 bill) (SB1184 bill) (SB1479 bill) (AB1797 bill) (AB1993 bill)

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