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UPDATE: The People's Convoy Heads to the DC Beltway Today and it's HUGE!!!

Those who have been following the YouTube journalist and Facebook pages from the Convoy are aware of how strong this Convoy has become but the Mainstream Media has not covered it at all. They are much more concerned about spinning a narrative about Russia and they have gladly turned a blind eye to the people fighting for freedom right here at home. In what started out with around 50 Big Rigs and 150 other vehicles in California, the convoy had grown bigger and bigger as it went on.

People who love freedom and support the end of mandates and the restoration of the Constitution have filled most every overpass through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland. More convoys have come from all over to join the main one and starting in Texas the numbers doubled. Oklahoma rolled out the red carpet for the Convoy. More convoys joined in Missouri and Indiana. As they passed into Ohio it became clear this thing was going to be massive and that was confirmed as freedom fans and local onlookers lined the sides of the roads as the Convoy made its way through Maryland to the Hagerstown Speedway. It was truly a sight to behold.

No one has an official count of how big this thing has gotten but there are reports of the convoy having anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 vehicles and being between five and seventy miles long. The convoy did take two hours to come through an area of Hagerstown on its way to the speedway and there were already two other convoys waiting on it.

The People's Convoy plans to leave the Speedway on Sunday and do at least two full laps around the DC Beltway to show off how big they are and that this is just the start. Organizers say they are in it for as long as it takes for their demands to be met. For those wondering about funding, the Convoy had raised 1.6 million by Thursday and that number has surely gone up since then.

Written by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair

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