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UPDATE: The People's Convoy is Set to Leave TOMORROW (2/23) for DC

Those of you following the Abilene Freedom League read last week that US truckers were making plans to put together their own Freedom Convoy. The main group to materialize was “The People's Convoy”. This group said all Americans were welcome to join the truckers. They were joined by FreedomFighterNation, doctors from the Global Covid Summit, and pilots from US Freedom Flyers. See our previous article here.

The mission remains the same as when the group was put together. This will be a peaceful protest to remind Americans about their freedom, to end state and federal COVID mandates, and to end the Emergency Powers Act that the Government has used during the pandemic which allows the Constitution to be trampled on. There are zero calls for violence and no racism involved in the movement but you can bet the mainstream media will try to say otherwise.

When we covered the original story, details were still being worked out. The departure, routes, times, and sub-routes to join have now been put out. Truckers started staging in the parking lot of Adelanto Stadium in California this afternoon (2/22) and will continue to do so until they depart on Wednesday, February 23. The plan is to have a public rally at 10 AM and then set off for DC an hour later. The main route and stops are as follows:

Day 1: Wednesday, February 23

Morning: Depart Aldelanto Stadium, CA

Evening: Arrive in Kingman, AZ (stay overnight)

Day 2: Thursday, February 24

Morning: Depart Kingman, AZ (take I-40 East toward Lupton, AZ)

Evening: Arrive in Lupton, AZ (stay overnight)

Day 3: Friday, February 25

Morning: Depart Lupton, AZ (take I-40 East through New Mexico)

Evening: Arrive in Glenrio, TX (stay overnight)

Day 4: Saturday, February 26

Morning: Depart Glenrio, TX (take I-40 East into Oklahoma)

Evening: Arrive in Elk City, OK (stay overnight)

Day 5: Sunday, February 27

Morning: Depart Elk City, OK (take I-40 East until it connects to I-44)

Evening: Arrive in Vinita, OK (stay overnight)

Day 6: Monday, February 28

Morning: Depart Vinita, OK (I-44)

Evening: Arrive in Sullivan, MO (stay overnight)

Day 7: Tuesday, March 1

Morning: Depart Sullivan, MO (take I-44 through STL continue on I-70 to IN)

Evening: Arrive in Indianapolis, IN (stay overnight)

Day 8: Wednesday, March 2

Morning: pause in Indianapolis, IN

Evening: remain in Indianapolis, IN (stay overnight)

Day 9: Thursday, March 3

Morning: Depart Indianapolis, IN (take I-70 into Ohio)

Evening: Arrive in Cambridge, OH (stay overnight)

Day 10: Friday, March 4

Morning: Depart Cambridge, OH (continue east to Maryland)

Evening: Arrive in Hagerstown, MD (stay overnight)

Day 11: Saturday, March 5

Morning: Depart Hagerstown, MD

Evening: Arrive in DC Beltway Area

For more information on routes, overpasses to cheer on the convoy, or any other information go to or The People's Convoy Official on Facebook.

Written by Chris Turner

Online Content Committee Chair


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