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UPDATE: Vaccines Continue to Hurt and Kill Children According to Latest VAERS Numbers

In what is even more tragic than the adults out there who either chose or were coerced into getting the covid jabs and boosters, we are seeing the damage done to children. The children don't have a choice and are at the mercy of their parents when it comes to this. All to give them a vaccine that doesn't work, puts their health and life at risk, and is meant to prevent a disease that doesn't seriously affect healthy children if they get it. The entire thing is madness and I feel so bad for kids who are harmed or killed by these things. The latest VAERS numbers continue to rise as 8 more children have died, bringing the grand total to 132. All VAERS numbers are seriously underreported so the real number is likely around 4,400 children. There are also a reported 484 permanently disabled kids and 1,868 reported cases of Myocarditis which means those numbers could be more than 16,000 and 62,000 respectively.

Here is a look at the charts of other adverse reactions found in children as a result of the covid vaccine. Keep in mind these numbers are between 1% and 3% of the real numbers. You can also see by the chart that the total adverse events hit an all time high in 2021 (the first year they could get the shot) with 9,440 adverse events. As of July 22 of this year, there have already been more than 5,000 adverse events. In 2020 before these jabs were out the number was less than 2,000 and they weren't as serious.

Despite vaccines only being approved for children under 5 since mid-June, we have already seen 2 babies die before the age of one, 2 before the age of three, and 3 before the age of six. This is an absolutely avoidable tragedy and the only good news is that parents are not going in numbers to get their six month to four year old jabbed. Thankfully, only 2.8% of the children in this age range have been given the jab so far. While that is sadly still approximately 544,000 children, it means there are about 18 and a half million children who haven't. The number also seems to have peaked and is going down each week which is good news as more and more parents wake up and question the jabs and why their healthy child would need it. To give you examples of other age brackets, when the Pfizer jab came out for children 5-11 years old, 16.7% had taken it in the first month. The 12-17 year old bracket seems to be the real guinea pigs as 7 out of 10 kids have been given at least one dose. That is 70% and it is why there have been at least 125 deaths in this range. The whole thing is sick and all we can do is hope and pray that more parents wake up and stop this practice of getting their children jabbed because it is killing them. Written by Chris Turner Online Content Chair Sources: (VAERS charts) (National Vaccine Information Center) (number of kids getting the jab) (rates of jabs in children)

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