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Yale Doctor Claims No Legal Cause For Jab Mandates or Inoculation of Healthy Children

Dr. Harvey Risch is a MD, a Professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, and one of the few well known Doctors who has been willing to speak up about covid vaccines and government mandates. The following is a short clip where he explains why the government does not have the legal right to mandate covid shots and why giving it to healthy children is ineffective and not worth the adverse reactions that can be caused by them.

“We’ve been led down a path of false claims that these vaccines prevent transmission and in fact, that is the only claim a government needs to act to curtail a pandemic, is to prevent the spread. The only legal grounds for a compelling interest of the government is to prevent spread and if the vaccines have failed to prevent spread, there are no other compelling legal grounds for a government to mandate your vaccination, [or] to even have campaigns to try to increase people’s uptake of the vaccines against their informed consent. If people choose to take the vaccines and I’m not recommending they do, but if they choose to they have to have full informed consent of the benefits and risks, a real appraisal of the risk. Then they can choose. That choice is for their own treatment benefit, if there is one. Reducing [possible] risk of hospitalization mortality is a treatment benefit, not a compelling government interest. We don’t compel people to get treated. If we did, we would compel people to get treated for tobacco addiction and reduce a half million deaths a year from tobacco that we don’t consider to be a pandemic. It’s a totally speechless argument to fall back on claims that it will reduce your hospitalization risk because it’s actually failed the one issue that the government has a claim to which is spread.

I’d say also in the risk/benefit analysis there is exceeding little benefit in children unless the child has obesity or other chronic conditions that puts them in high risk of a bad covid outcome from Omicron, there is no reason why a child should get vaccinated and put them at risk of adverse events from the vaccine for essentially no benefit against the illness itself.” This comes as the CDC recently decided in a 15-0 vote to add the covid jab to the childhood immunization schedule which will trigger mandatory jabs for children in 12 States at least. They always say trust the science but the science shows not only can the jabs be very dangerous, they don’t work, and are not needed for healthy children if they did.

Written by Chris Turner Online Content Committee Chair Sources:

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